Friday, 11 December 2020

Quick Prayer For You As The Year Ends

2020 has been a year full of ups and downs for many people but you are still here and you have made it through thus far so I am encouraging to to keep holding on.

If you could have survived this year, then you can survive anything so keep taking it one day at a time, God still has awesome plans for you!


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See How This Lady Celebrates End Of NYSC

Initially when I saw this picture I was like 'ahn! ahn! this is too extra na' but on second thoughts I looked again and realized that it is truly worth celebrating even if many people might not go this extra mile.

Serving as a Youth corper in Nigeria shows a transition phase of moving from university graduate to the employment phase or what I will call the real world...Lol!

Some people actually started university with you and were not able to finish or are still waiting to even start their NYSC

So to this lady, I say shakara!!

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Thursday, 10 December 2020

Nollywood's Toyin Abraham And Her Beautiful Family

This picture of Nollywood actress Toyin Abraham's family is all shades of popping! 

Ahn Ahn there is definitely something about the color red or what do you think? Will you be taking a family picture this Christmas?

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Will You Try This Kind Of Beautiful Outfit

I have never been someone who is into fashion but when I see beautiful fashion styles I love to talk about it especially edgy styles like this on Wathoni one of the housemates from the last Big Brother Naija.

This particular type of fashion forward style was also worn by another former Big Brother housemate, BamBam and she also rocked the dress well.

Will you be willing to try this kind of outfit?

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Married At 50 Looking Like 20, Meet Dr Iyabo

This woman is one of the people I follow on Instagram and admire from afar simply because she is a go-getter who doesn't allow anything stop her.

Meet Dr Iyabo Webzell, a 50 year old who is a Paedetrician and a business lifestyle coach for women. She is one of the women I truly admire online with her continuous strides and helping other women along the way.

She was married for 15 years from age 25 to 40 when she got divorced before remarrying at the age of 50! Her life is one that gives hope to any woman who is a divorced single mom that you can truly be happy again and you don't have to settle for less!


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No More Pictures When You Visit Orphanages

The era of taking pictures of children when you visit orphanages in Nigeria. This has become necessary as some people use it to show off all over social media.

This decision was taken by the Coalition of Orphanages and Children's Home in Nigeria (COCHIN) in a bid to curb embarrassment and stigmatization of the children. A fine of N50,000 has also been attached for any orphanage which flouts this new rule.

I guess its a welcome development, so going forward do your good deed in silent or if you must take pictures it should be without the children.

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Check Out Young Mom With Her 6 Grown Daughters

This mum is so blessed with her 6 beautiful daughters and they are all so grown and look so much alike. Which one of them do you think is the mother?
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