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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Here Is An Amazing Gift To Help You Improve Your Parenting At This Time

Kudos to you as you continue raising children worthy of emulation.I congratulate you for your work done so far on this parenting journey and what better way to show how much you mean to me than by giving you my Ebook titled 5 Tips Raising Amazing Children In The 21st Century for FREE!

This is an Ebook I put together to help your parenting journey in this 21st century as proper information will definitely help produce better children and generally make life easier for you. I hope you enjoy my 5 Tips Raising Amazing Children Successfully In The 21st Century!

Kindly click on the link below to download for your reading pleasure and also to apply these tips which I can assure you will help you with your children and make you understand them better and be more hands-on with them.

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Are You Dreaming Of A White Christmas Or A Blessed Christmas?

Well.....scratch that! I'm dreaming of a blessed Christmas and it can be a reality if you also believe it. With the recession currently hitting the country, everywhere looks very lowkey for Christmas this year as opposed to the usual fanfare of the festive season.

However, like a friend of mine,Tunde babajide a Motivational speaker and pastor says, you shouldn't allow your environment affect your "in-vironment" in other words, despite the fact that some people are giving negative reasons for not enjoying this season, you should give positive reasons to do so.

The fact that you are alive till this period is enough to celebrate after all so many people have passed on while some are in deep sorrow but God has been faithful to you and yours so at this moment say a big THANK YOU  to Him and do enjoy your Christmas! 

Compliments of the season from me, myself and I....ho! ho! ho!
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Saturday, 3 December 2016

How To Help You And Your Child Be Safe On The Internet & Social Media

Recently I read in the news that a 9 year old boy committed suicide because of ‘flaming’ and before you start thinking it has anything to do with fire, you are very wrong.

Flaming is a social media terminology that means ‘Online fights sent via the internet via instant message or email with angry or vulgar language’

This young boy killed himself because he was being harassed by his so-called friends/classmates in a group on Whatsap and he overdosed on some pills in the house!

That’s another child lost to the 21st century advancement of social media which he shouldn’t even have been on in the first place because the legal age for children is from 13.

However, the effect of social media in recent times CANNOT be over-emphasised, infact it keeps changing EVERYDAY! 

This brings to mind some quick questions you need to be able to answer:

1. Have you taught your child(ren) how to navigate the internet and social media?
2. How do you plan to teach them about the internet & social media?
3. Do you know how to use social media for your own advantage?
4. Which of the social media platforms are you active on?

Meanwhile, below are some internet slangs currently being used by children as young as 8 years and upwards and if it makes you feel any better, I also had no prior clue as to what so many of them really meant.

“IWSN”- I Want Sex Now
“GNOC”- Get Naked On Camera
“PIR”- Parent In Room
“WYCM”- Will You Call Me
“CU46”- See You For Sex
“LMIRL” - Let's Meet In Real Life
“PAP”- Post A Picture

Hmnnn….the slangs goes on and on different from the LOL & OMG we are used to. However, this is NOT the time to fret but rather get yourself informed so you can help transform your child’s life with that knowledge. 

Research already shows that children from the ages of 5 and above are already having access to the internet and some form of Social Media.

Unfortunately, you can't stop them from getting there because they will interact with other children who already have access but you can protect them by letting them know what to look out for.

This you can do by being knowledgeable as a parent so you know what to tell them. STOP forming “old skool”, it is time to keep up with what is happening and changing around you so none of our children fall victim.

Like they say, Google is your friend but guess what? Aunty Bimbo is also your friend...Lol! I have a PDF document that puts all these info together with links to more resources that can help you and your child on the internet and social media as well as the full list of 24 of these slangs that are getting so popular among children these days.

Are you a parent wondering how to cope with keeping your kids and yourself abreast of the latest development on social media? Are you looking for tips and in-depth details of how to even be on social media as well as understanding what to look out for and how to keep your child safe?

Well wonder no more as you have access to all these and more when you get your copy of "Parental Guide For Kids & Social Media" from my Parenting Made Easy™ Series.

In this book you get the following:
*What to look out for on the internet
*How to keep kids safe on the internet
*Latest slangs used by kids on the internet
*Tips to guide children on the internet
*Resources to help monitor kids activities on the internet & phone usage
*Indepth analysis of how to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat & Youtube

This PDF Document is available for N2k(two thousand naira only) and can be sent electronically anywhere in the world.

Stop worrying yourself needlessly as to the inherent dangers but just simply know that to be forewarned is to be forearmed and this knowledge of what to look out for will go a long way in helping you with your child and the dangers of social media.

To get your copy of Parental Guide For Kids & Social Media kindly pay the sum of N2,000(two thousand naira only) to :

La Bims Global Resources

Kindly send confirmation mail to or (text only) to 07069171767

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Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Pictures From Our Just Concluded Universal Children's Day Event

All the Glory belongs to God alone for another successful event to celebrate the Universal Children's Day on the 20th of November.

There was a special Emotional Intelligence Workshop for Relationships conducted by Emotional Intelligence Expert, Oyinkansola Alabi who convened the event for parents to help impact them as to how to deal with emotional issues in a better manner.

Some of the impactful information she shared included her premium SPEAR test:

1. S- Self awareness : Being aware of what is going on with you and others around you.

2. P- Patience/ perseverance

3. E- Expectation management 

4. A- Awareness of others

5. R- Relationship management mastery 

She also explained how we all need to be emotionally responsible as nobody can make you angry without your consent. In other words, you decide to be angry....really deep stuff right?

The children were also not left out as I also shared some tidbits with them and we all had an amazing time in the conducive and fun filled Funtasticaland Family Entertainment Centre a place with everything a family needs to relax and enjoy themselves without breaking the bank.

Personally, I was so fulfilled seeing the parents have great insight as to what they gained from the workshop and being a part of this made me very happy. This is simply because my goal in life is to educate, empower and excite families which is what drives me in everything I do.

That is the reason why every month, I always organise events that will be worthwhile in all these areas so watch out for another awesome event in December folks!!
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Sunday, 13 November 2016

What Are Tongue Twisters? Today Is International Tongue Twister Day!


Today, the 13th of November is International Tongue Twister Day and the perfect opportunity to explain why I call myself the Mary Poppins Of Parenting as Mary Poppins loved Tongue Twisters a lot.

Mary Poppins was a fictional character by Disney and she was a British nanny who specialised in using her unique brand of lifestyle to improve families everywhere she went. This is exactly what my brand, Aunty Bimbo stands for, using exclusive hangouts, information and resources to help transform families and also improve parenting.

If you remember Sound of Music, the main actress, Julie Andrews is same person who acted the role of Mary Poppins for so many years and the series went on to win numerous awards including the Best Picture movie which was a crowning achievement for Walt Disney during his lifetime.

So in celebration of International Tongue Twister Day today, try and say Mary Poppins signature phrase, 'SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICESPEALIDOCIOUS' 3 times without making a mistake. Lol!

Tongue Twisters are phrases that are hard to articulate and the fun comes in when you try to repeat it several times without making a mistake.

It will be nice if you can make a video of you saying it and upload it on any of your social media platforms if you are bold and courageous enough....I DOUBLE DARE you!

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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Here Is Kidfirmations, Affirmations To Help Children Believe In Themselves

I am big on Affirmations and always saying something positive no matter what so it was just right to get someone to come share the benefits of speaking positively all the time especially into the lives of our children.

On the day of the Mommies Pampering Playdate, Sister Ope shared her testimony on how she used to prophecy over her child while pregnant. Eventually when she had her baby girl named, Tantoluwa, she taught her from a young age to also always say positive things, in other words Affirmations.

Amazingly, one of the Affirmations was that Tantoluwa would attend Corona School. This seemed like a tall order considering their financial situation but she and Tantoluwa kept making this declarations day in and day out.

Fast forward to when entrance exams came up and by faith, she bought the form despite all the negative talk from people around her who felt like she was reaching for what was impossible. Well, 6yr old Tantoluwa sat for the exams, scored 100% and was invited for the interview. To cut a long story short, protocol was broken for Tantoluwa as she was given a scholarship for the rest of her primary education in Corona!

There is something about getting our children involved in making affirmations hence KIDFIRMATIONS which children can learn to say day in day out to make them feel positive and be positive.

I developed this product earlier this year and even have a caller ring back tune for it but due to popular demand, it is now in a laminated poster format that can be hung on the wall at home. 

It can also be given as gifts in party packs on your children's birthdays and schools can also give it as gifts to their students. You want to impact a child's life, give them KIDFIRMATIONS as a gift! 

KIDFIRMATIONS are available for sale at N500 (Five Hundred Naira Only) and can be delivered anywhere nationwide. Please note there is a MASSIVE DISCOUNT on bulk purchase.

To purchase KIDFIRMATIONS, kindly make payment to:
Abimbola buko
Gt Bank

Please send confirmation email to For further enquiries, call 08029762167
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Monday, 7 November 2016

Come Lets Celebrate Universal Children's Day Together On 20th Of November

There is another reason to hangout with your child this November as we celebrate the United Nation’s Universal Children’s Day which was established in 1954 and is  always celebrated on November 20th.

It is marked each year to promote international togetherness and awareness among children worldwide and to celebrate this year, Emotional Intelligence Expert and Merchant of Romance, MOR, Oyinkansola Alabi supported by Emotions Institute, Six SecondsFuntasticaland Family Entertainment Center & Aunty Bimbo will organise a FREE Emotional Intelligence(EQ) Workshop titled: EQ For Relationships.

It will also be another opportunity for those who missed our last event to come have FUN and LEARN again. Guess what? This time its for Mommies, Daddies, Aunties, Uncles & Children! In other words, ANYONE & EVERYONE! Its going to be a family affair in celebration of the Universal Children's Day so GET READY!

Emotional Intelligence Expert & Merchant of Romance, MOR Oyinkansola Alabi will be talking to us on how to build better emotional connections and relationships with others such as parent-child, child-child, teacher-student/child, parent-parent, man-woman, boy-girl etc

Aunty Bimbo, Mary Poppins of Parenting, will also be giving you and your kids a little "something something" *winks* All these will take place at the fun filled Funtasticaland Family Entertainment Center Ilupeju with the children having access to:

Bouncy Castle
Dancing Machine
Soccer Table
6D Cinema
Merry Go-round
Cinderella Ride

Venue: Funtasticaland, 25 Olusoji Idowu Street Ilupeju Lagos
Date: Sunday, November 20th, 2016
Time: 10am to 5pm

Access to ALL these games including food and drinks is HIGHLY SUBSIDISED by Funtasticaland at only N1,500 per head in celebration of Universal Children's Day, payable to:

Merchants of Romance 
Diamond Bank

Kindly call 08125116740 or  07038152270 for enquiries.

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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Check Out Updates From The Mommies Pampering Playdate

Some people were asking if it was my birthday and I was like, “YES IT IS!” even though my birthday was in January BUT it was the birthdate of the MOMMIES PAMPERING PLAYDATE!

Indeed I did it afraid because I usually only organise exclusive hangouts just for kids via Aunty Bimbo Kids World but this time I decided to do something for the mommies and this is the result with the support of FUNTASTICALAND, a Family Entertainment Center with branches at Ilupeju, Festac and Maryland Mall.

With just one week notice, God helped me pull it off and I am still in awe at how successful it was. But again should I really be surprised? 

When you serve a God that can surpass your imagination what do you expect? When you serve a God who loves you unconditionally what do you expect? When you serve a God who neither sleeps nor slumbers what do you expect?

Many Mommies turned Sisters turned up with their children and amazingly, only 7 or 8 were people I already knew, the others were from FACEBOOK! Please tell me again that Social Media is not Bae!!! Lol!

Shout out to those who turned up and for those that couldn’t make it this time, well YOU MISSED!!! However, MOMMIES PAMPERING PLAYDATE will hold once every quarter so start preparing for the next one which will be in FEBRUARY 2017 by God’s Grace.

From Make-up, massage, manicure, pedicure, dancing, merry Go-Round and pep talk from Praise Fowowe, Funke Quadri of Peaches 'n' Cream Spa & Oyinkansola Alabi, I am proud to say it was a hit BACK to BACK!!!!!!!

Shout out to Photographer Extraordinaire, Arawole Abisola of Diva Visuals who gave us these extraordinary pictures...mwah!

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