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Monday, 23 January 2017

Updates From The Family Funtime Show With Aunty Bimbo (FFAB) #FamilyFuntimeChronicles

It has been an amazing time thus far on Family Funtime© With Aunty Bimbo (FFAB) on radio. The show debuted to an amazing audience of parents, children and caregivers which reflected via incessant phone calls all through the show and a wide reach and interaction via social media especially the Facebook Page: Family Funtime© With Aunty Bimbo.

The show continues to empower families via its content which is a mix of fun and learning to achieve its primary aim with positive feedback on many fronts stating how they always look forward to it and some people via Instagram said that they have recurring alarms set up on their phones already to ensure they don't miss the show which comes up every Saturday on Kiss Fm Lagos 98.9 from 11am to 12noon.

In the past couple of weeks, Aunty Bimbo and her crew of Ayokunmi and Ayolana have hosted Curriculum Expert, Rhoda Odigboh and Creative Educator, Queenette Enilama on the show and it was amazing learning from them.

There was clarification on different types of curriculum and the difference between a lesson teacher and a tutor. Just in case you have been wondering, a Tutor is actually the professional name for a lesson teacher.

You can also be a part of the show by sending a mail to and showcase your services to the world via our medium at affordable and flexible rates. There is also a Family Funtime Club open to children from ages of 3 to 15, all they need to do is to send their name, age, class and birthday to 07069171767

Make sure you join the Family Funtime© train every Saturday on  Kiss Fm Lagos 98.9 from 11am to 12noon. For Sponsorship and advert bookings kindly send a mail to or call 07069171767
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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Good News For Parents As Lagos State Kicks Off Child Protection Policy

With the increasing rate of child sexual abuse in recent times, it is comforting to know that appropriate steps are being taken by the authorities to reduce this menace to children in the society.

The Lagos State Government has commenced implementation of the Executive Order ratified by Governor Akinwunmi Ambode on December 16, 2016 which established the Lagos State Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy.

The Executive Order highlights the importance and priority which the State Government placed towards protecting the lives of children and it applies to all State Government organisations, all schools, child centered institutions, orphanages and child related institutions located in the State, both public and private.

Speaking during the annual general meeting and intervention programme put together by the Office of Education Quality Assurance which was attended by over 1,000 participants, Coordinator of Domestic and Sexual Violence Response Team (DSVRT), an agency under the Lagos State Ministry of Justice, Titilola Vivour-Adeniyi said the State Government was determined to implement the Executive Order to ensure the protection of children.

She said the need for the landmark engagement was crucial considering the fact that schools have resumed and there was need for key stakeholders such as principals, school administrators, Nigerian Union of Teachers (NUT), public and private school guidance counsellors, evaluators and others, to become conversant with and abreast of the provisions of the policy.

According to Vivour-Adeniyi, “The Lagos State Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy must be used wherever services are provided for children and care givers are mandated to adopt a Child Protection policy in their respective institutions, nuanced to suit their respective peculiarities.

“The major aim of the policy is to provide clear direction for reporting disclosures of abuse and commitment to the development of good practice and sound procedures to keep children safe.

“The policy also ensures that child protection concerns are identified, referrals are handled sensitively, professionally and in ways that support the needs of the child’s wellbeing.”

The DSVRT Coordinator also used the medium to sound a very clear warning to all Child centered institutions both public and private, that the State Government would no longer tolerate negligence in ensuring the safety of children under their supervision and failure to adopt and implement the policy would amount to both civil and criminal actions.

Besides, copies of the policy in the form of booklets were distributed to all participants, while the participants were also informed of their mandatory duty to report actual or suspected child abuse cases, and consequences for failure to report.


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Mothers Pampering Series Wk 4; We Celebrate Madam Adenike Adebusola Awe

Since I started the Mothers Pampering Series, my antenna to any news about impact-making mums has been on an all time high so it was no mistake that I stumbled across Top Radio OAP, Wyse's tribute to his mum on her birthday and it got me gushing.

This is because most men don't come across as emotional but it seems good mothers actually get them all lovey-dovey which is why Madam Adenike Adebusola Awe is making it on the Mothers Pampering Series Hall Of Fame today.

Wyse is one of the most hardworking OAPs I know and personally, he was one of my first teachers who helped chart my path into the media world. Below are his exact words in describing his mum which I find very deep and worth reflecting on.

"I came by God through you many years ago and I have never regretted my channel and source of entry into this world.

You gave, are giving and will still give everything you have and you are to make us happy because you are a true Abiyamo to o to! (a true mother)

I grew up watching you live a life full of the Fear of God, in total surrender to his will, ways and directions. I see the hunger in your eyes to see us succeed, the passion in your life to ensure all is well with us,  the faith in your eyes to tell us all will be well with us, the few spanks to keep us in line, your soothing words of advice and encouragement that echoes in our heart and resonates in our minds when you are not physically present, the love that remains a background tune even in your scolds.

A true mother with a tender heart and a woman with a man's heart. Your journey is sure still filled with plenty of Joy because that all that surrounds you.

You will live many more years in good health and age gracefully with peace of mind, e De Jeun Omo lagbara Olorun"

N.B Watch out for the next Mother I will be celebrating….you want it to be your Mama? Send me an email at ( with her picture and details about her and let the whole world celebrate this woman who birthed you.

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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Why The Family Fun Time Show With Aunty Bimbo (FFAB) On Radio?

Coming up with the Family Funtime Show on radio is a major dream come true for me because its all about empowering families and giving information that can help to improve and transform them in so many ways.

The truth is, it isn’t family if there is no knowledge, information, fun, happiness, joy, togetherness, sharing moments, discipline and engaging your child in different ways. 

The Family Funtime Show With Aunty Bimbo,(FFAB) helps families find a voice to express themselves whether young or old through its interactive system via phonecalls,engaging segments and also online activities. 

The family is the most important unit of any nation because this is where both male and female children grow up to become leaders and people who create impact in the society.

It is not strange to sometimes hear of horrible things done in some families to children which include child abuse on all forms i.e, physical, verbal and sexual.

I believe if we know better, we will do better so topics that will be treated on the Family Funtime Show will address this via experts in various fields that will come deliberate and give us more insight.

It does take a community to raise a child because we learn about parenting from different people and then choose that which works for our family.

There is no one particular way to raise/manage a family but there is a lot of “good” information that can help, hence a medium like the Family Funtime Show.

We have various segments to engage you, like the birthday shout out, know your world, fun facts, family tips, school showcase, interviews, gist segment and games/quizzes.

Knowledge is power but I like to reiterate that it is what you do with the knowledge you have, that can lead to you and your family's transformation in all areas be it physically, spiritually, emotionally, psychologically & academically.

Make it a date with us every Saturday from 11am to 12 Noon on KissFm Lagos, 98.9.

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Monday, 16 January 2017

What Fun Memories Are You Creating With Your Family?

I always remember sitting on my dad’s neck and him holding my arms while walking around the house every weekend and for some reason, this memory keeps coming to mind even though I must have been around 5 years old at the time it happened.

That is the power of a memory whether good or bad and I ask you today, what memory are you creating for or with your family? A memory is a mental capacity to remember events, information and experiences over time.

Memories are very essential in our lives because without a memory of the past we cannot operate in the present or think about the future. This is because memories help you remember what happened yesterday, today and also tomorrow.  

In the family space, memories are very powerful because they link hearts together and help aid family bonding. For example I always have fond memories of how my dad would play with me and carry me around the house at weekends.

The truth is that any event has the potential to become a treasured memory hence the need to deliberately and intentionally create them with your loved ones as it gives you a common language of shared experience. However, memories take time to create and that time is one of the necessary things that must be in place in families no matter what.

An easy way to create lasting family memories is to establish family traditions that become a regular part in the home such that every member of the family can talk about it, look at pictures of it, laugh about it or even cry when they remember how close it brought everyone together.

It is easy to create family traditions that become fond memories and an instance is in my family for example, every Sundays after church we always eat out and any Sunday we don’t, we come together to talk about how we can make it up. This is because it has become a tradition of sorts for us.

You can create traditions around family get-togethers for holidays, anniversaries and birthdays such that each member of the family will feel appreciated and loved. Creating fun memories in your family doesn't have to be complicated as with a little bit of effort, you can turn bonding into a lifetime of funny, sweet stories and lasting memories that your children will cherish and perhaps pass it on to their own kids one day.

Is there any particular pleasant memory you have of your family while growing up? Please feel free to share.

All rights reserved (2017) ® Bimbo Olasope

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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Mothers Pampering Series Wk 3; We Celebrate Alhaja Rafat Alake Mogaji

It is not unusual to see women gushing about their mothers but when men publicly declare how much their mothers mean to them, it is indeed worth celebrating.

This is why today on the Mothers Pampering Series, we are celebrating Alhaja Rafat Alake Mogaji. She is the mother of a former colleague of mine, Rilwan Tokosi.

I have known Rilwan for about 11 years now and we worked together for about 5 years and I always saw how much he loved his mother and was so devoted to her till she passed on a couple of years ago.

According to him, Alhaja Rafat Alake Mogaji (Nee Idris) was a selfless mother who raised him and his brothers at a time when things were quite challenging for the family. However, he was shielded with so much love and affection that he could not tell much of the difference until much later in life.

In his precise words;

"My mum denied her self a lot of luxury just to see me raised as a successful child and she instilled religious values in me very early in life and this always guided me anytime I was going astray even till date.

I had a lot of reasons to have been swayed by peer pressure but for my strong religious foundation which was impacted by my mum.

She also taught me discipline early in life because of her career with the Nigerian Army and even though she is gone now, I still miss her and will forever cherish her because she is a major factor in who I have become in life.

N.B Watch out for the next Mother I will be celebrating….you want it to be your Mama? Send me an email at ( with her picture and details about her and let the whole world celebrate this woman who birthed you.

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Friday, 13 January 2017

Week 2: Family Affirmation Study; Is Your Child Kind To Others?

Study Affirmation For The Week


How Can A Child Be Kind?

Teaching a child to be kind is a virtue that helps that child show concern about other people. Your child needs to understand that being kind means they consider another person’s feelings and not just their own.

Kindness means to help other people without expecting anything in return and it is never too early to help guide children into recognizing other people's feelings. As a parent, you can start teaching your child about kindness through playtime with their siblings or friends. An example is for the child to be concerned when their friend or sibling is either crying or sad. They should learn to ask what is wrong and say sorry.

However the best way to teach your child to be kind is by example which means practicing what you preach. Be the example you want to see in your child. For example,If you speak kindly about others your child will copy this and vice versa.

Your child will learn a great deal about kindness from your behavior, so it is important to model what you want your child to copy by showing kind actions and behavior. Let kindness show in your daily words and deeds and through this you can teach your child to be nice and kind to others.

Once your child understands what it means to be kind, saying this affirmation, I AM KIND TO OTHERS, will not just be lip service but will be backed by actions of kindness to people both within and outside their family.

Help your child realise that being kind is an important quality to have and that it can be portrayed via the characteristics of being friendly, generous, and considerate. They also need to understand that you don’t need to have a reason for being kind rather, it’s something you do simply because it’s the right way to treat others.

Being kind will also allow your child communicate better, be more compassionate, and also be a positive force in people's lives.

Will you help your child be kind to others today?

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Monday, 9 January 2017

How To Bring Back Fun That is Missing In Families

Family is the most important thing and being part of a family is unique to every individual, however what helps families build bonds that last a lifetime is having fun which is an important part of building a strong family identity. Research shows that some family traditions are often developed in times of fun and end up serving as great memories that both children and parents will treasure forever.

In fact, these traditions and memories help define and individualize each family, and can even be passed on from one generation to the other. Unfortunately, some parents see fun as a waste of time or unserious activity based on their understanding of what fun is and this has led to them not wanting to engage in it hence the reality that fun is missing in many families.

People talk about having fun but what is fun really about? For some people, fun for them might be going out for drinks, watching a football match or going to see a movie in the cinema while for others it might even be staying in on a weekend and just watching television.

However, the real definition of fun is an experience of pleasure and enjoyment which is associated with recreation and play that creates amusement. It is usually informal and is meant to serve as a distraction from deep thinking or formal situations. Having fun is also geared towards engaging your spontaneous side as it usually consists of activities that you can do either through recreation or leisure activities.

Due to the recent pressure of balancing work life and family life, fun is starting to take a backseat in families and must be brought back to help create memories and help enhance family bonding. Parents need to start to look at fun from a positive perspective and see it as a responsibility they owe their children and families as a whole.

In fact, the only way fun can come back in families is when time becomes a critical factor that parents spare more of with their children. Fun can only take place if time is created for it, so in the midst of hustle and bustle from Mondays to Friday or in some cases, weekends, you need to consciously acknowledge that spending quality time together is the best way to show your family that you care.

Meanwhile, in order to translate time spent with your child to fun, it must go beyond teaching them table manners, interrupting sibling squabbles, praying with them or helping them with homework. It must get to the point where you enjoy your kids for who they are and engage them with games or activities they can resonate with.

For fun to come back to your family, it has to start with YOU. This is because often time, Kids can find fun through mundane things such as laughing at silly jokes, climbing on furniture or playing with their toys because play and fun comes naturally to them. It is you the adult that has lost the ability to be childlike and you need to put aside that attitude and bring fun back into your family and enjoy the moment.

It is time to stop being too busy providing for the welfare of your child that you forget to connect with them over their interests such as doing something you all can be excited about hence FUN! An example can be playing sport activities with your child or even reading books to them that they enjoy especially when you get into character of the books and make them laugh with your theatrics.

Contrary to what so many people think, having fun does not necessarily mean you must go out, rather, having fun with your kids means connecting with them in a way that excites and amuses them.



With busy lives, spending time with your family can be hard to come by but you need to intentionally carve out space to just enjoy being with them, whether it’s an evening during the week or a few hours on a weekend. You also must not rush those moments you set aside to have fun with them.


The idea is to make anything fun, no matter where you are as long as the whole family enjoys it. Parents must take the initiative and make these things happen by being available to show the children the value in spending time together to create and engage in fun activities. Creative activities can include a game of football or basketball, playing cards, or just hanging out together that involves every member of the family talking and laughing together.


Funny right? This is because sometimes fun can be messy especially when it involves activities that will need you to clean up once you are done. As a parent you need to understand this reality and overlook the messy part sometimes as the primary goal is having fun with your child. Another way of looking at it is making the clean up a fun activity with your family!


Having fun with your family can be either spontaneous or planned, the whole idea is to deliberately maximise the times you can have fun with your child having it at the back of your mind that they will soon grow into adults and will only have the memories. When families have fun together, it builds a bond that can last a lifetime and you will find your family relationships growing stronger.


A lot of times, the reason why fun is missing in some families is because some parents equate fun with expenses. Having fun with your kids doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive.The whole idea is to connect and bond with them in a way that everyone enjoys.

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Sunday, 8 January 2017

Mothers Pampering Series Wk 2: We Celebrate Angelique Kidjo's Mum, Vonne Kidjo

When you can publicly credit your success to your 90 year old mother then one can say that indeed, she has made a major impact in your life. This is exactly what popular African singer, Angelique Kidjo says about her mother, Vonne Kidjo who is the esteemed mom we are profiling today on the Mothers Pampering Series.

Angelique Kidjo is one of Africa’s most engaging, powerful and charismatic female vocalists and she says her mother has been a major influence in her life. Mrs Vonne Kidjo taught Angelique about dance choreography and allowed her start to sing and dance at the young age of 6!

Vonne Kidjo was a renowned choreographer and theatre director who had a dance troupe which was where she groomed her daughter such that by the time Angélique reached her 9th birthday she had already established an excellent reputation in singing and dancing.

Being the only girl among 8 boys, Angelique Kidjo’s mum made sure her daughter was brought up to be strong and independent and this has helped her in her music career over the years such that she gained so much international influence and even won the popular Grammy Award for Best World Music in 2016.

According to her, the advice of her mum taught her to be spiritually naked and truthful and this has set the tone for Angelique’s music which often carries a message of peace and understanding.

To show how much of an influence her mum has been in her life, Angelique Kidjo named her 10th album Eve, for her mother and Yvonne Kidjo herself appears on one of the songs in that album.

N.B Watch out for the next Mother I will be celebrating tomorrow….you want it to be your Mama? Send me an email at ( with her picture and details about her and let the whole world celebrate this woman who birthed you.

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