Monday, 27 December 2021

Jandspiration Series; My First Christmas In Uk

Jandspiration is the new name of anything I want to talk about that is related to relocating abroad and before you say ''what is wrong with this one'' just know that I didn't come up with the name but it was divinely orchestrated as you can see from the image above...Lol!

Funny enough, I am an inspirational person in the sense that I always like to add value and motivate you one way or the other either through my personal life experiences or through my fun and jokes. So i always like to theme all these things some how and it started when I used to be a radio presenter and I wanted unique names for my radio shows.

As far back as 2013/2014, my first gospel show was called Singspiration then I renamed it as Gospelration a few years ago. Also when I was going to start my children/family show, I wanted to call it Familyspiration but I never quite allowed it stick. 

When I got to the Uk a few months ago and God told me to resurrect this blog again, I knew I wanted to share this relocation journey somehow but I didn't quite know what to call it especially since I knew I would be writing about other things here asides the abroad talk and I didn't want to name it ''UK Series'' because that kind of sounded corny to me...LMAO.

So when this darling sister dropped this comment on my post last month, it just resonated with me immediately and voila, here it is. So going forward, if I want to talk about anything abroad or relocation related, I will just start out with Jandspiration Series and for those wondering what this means. ''Jand'' is the Nigerian colloquial slang for UK travels.  

With that said and done, this particular post is about my first Christmas in the UK and let me just tell you...IT WAS BORING OOOOOO!!! As in, everywhere shuts down here in UK on Christmas day, no bus, no train and NO shops open at in NOT EVEN EATERIES!!! You can imagine my shock when I told the children to dress up so we could go out and everywhere was just empty, you could even barely see people on the roads! Just those with their private cars passing and even those were far and few between.

For my Naija people, you know back home these festive days are the popping days with every bubbling place full to capacity. Infact the crowd is always so much at event centres and eateries that you would be wondering where everyone is going to but that is just part of the fun. The other shocker for me was the fact that there are only two days considered as holiday during the festive season here and that's just Christmas day and Boxing day. Every other day including New Year day is NOT holiday o!

When I saw a post from the Federal Government declaring holidays till 3rd of January 2022 I was like mehnnnnnn see flexing especially when you add the weekends when the actual Christmas and New Year falls on..Lol! However, please don't get me wrong because I am not complaining but just stating some observations I have made and giving you heads up so when you come, you won't be surprised and be adequately prepared.

Anyway ''sha'' to make it up to my children, on Boxing Day, I took them to the cinema to watch the latest Spiderman movie and it was definitely worth our while as the Spiderman No Way Home movie was really cool and we had fun afterwards all to the glory of God.


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