Sunday, 26 December 2021

End Of Year Motivation

Just like that and its almost the end of 2021! However, before the year finally ends, I want to quickly remind you that NOBODY owes you anything contrary to what you might think or expect.

Oh yes, especially with all the festivities and celebrations all around, it is easy to expect people to reach out to you in one way or the other BUT you need to understand that EXCEPT God lays it on a man/woman's heart to help you they WON'T & they CAN'T.

So before you start ''vexing'' please don't blame them for this even though sometimes it might hurt. In the Bible, Mordecai did so much for the king but he still sat at the gate for a long time until God troubled the king's heart and he was eventually rewarded.

So I encourage you to keep doing the best you can with whatever circumstances or situation you find yourself and remember that GOD will help you but He is the one that will decide on who He will use contrary to your expectations,

It is not for you to choose or decide who that person will be because God can even use strangers to bless you! Just be rest assured that God will come through for you. So keep your head up, add value where ever and when ever you can and continue to let your focus be on God alone.

Furthermore, learn to manage your expectations so disappointment doesn't become a major part of your life that it stops you from being the best you can be😉😇

Finally, NEVER underestimate your humble beginnings especially when you remain consistent as in due course it will work out for your good! more finally for the road, STOP ALLOWING PEOPLE'S PICTURES OR VIDEOS ON SOCIAL MEDIA OPPRESS YOU! People will often post up what they want you to see or believe and most times they will never post the other side of things. 

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