Thursday, 9 December 2021

Can We Go Breakdancing? Its Now A Big Deal

Biko where are the people who love dancing like me? Lets go and start to practice for the Olympics as there is hope for us! Oh yes, just incase you didn't know, Breakdancing has now been included as an Olympic sport for the 2024 games which is set to take place in Paris.

It is alleged that this decision was endorsed by the International Olympic Committee to attract a younger audience to the historic competition. 

This is definitely a wake up call for organizations that are still doing ''old skool'' things, you need to find a way of attracting younger people as your target market because we are definitely in the era of the millennials, see Tiktok, Instagram etc and they are beginning to have plenty decision making and buying power!

Other ''young people'' stuff that has also been included in the Olympics are sport climbing and surfing which already debuted at the delayed Olympics in Tokyo earlier this year.  However, the breakdancing will take place in 2024 alongside sport climbing and 3v3 basketball at a downtown venue in the French capital.

Just so you know, it will be called Breaking and I hope no one will be breaking any body parts because sometimes that break dancing can be extreme with the neck turns, head stands etc, So therefore, fingers crossed till then.

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