Tuesday, 1 December 2020

Revealed, Mikano Goes From Making Generators To Making Biscuits?

I came across a post by a friend about generator manufacturing giants Mikano now producing biscuits! 

Initially I was shocked but then I critically analysed the situation and realised that to be able to compete and make consistent revenue in your business diversifying your portfolio might be a good option.

Mikano sells heavy duty generators which are not exactly cheap but they are known for their efficiency and durability. 

However, its not everyone who can afford it most especially at this time in Nigeria where the economy has taken a huge hit. 

So I am sure they had to look for something that can generate them regular every day money while they look forward to purchase from people or companies that can still afford to buy their generator.

So I bring to you Crunchy biscuit by Mikano, what do you think?

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