Tuesday, 8 December 2020

Is It Right For A Woman To Go Back To A Husband Who Beats Her?

So the lady whose husband has been beating her went back to him because they have 4 little children😑😔

Please know that raising children in a dysfunctional or abusive home does more harm to them than good!

In fact, some of the children that grow up in that kind of home tend to see violence as normal and might go ahead to repeat same when they grow up.

In the case of the female child, she might end up attracting such kind of men while in the case of the male child he shows aggressive behavior and even ends up being like his father.

Unfortunately, society adds a lot of pressure to women in such situation to stay with their abuser especially with talk like 'its not good to have a broken home or be a single parent'

Not good for who? The wife? The husband or the children?

Meanwhile, please stop calling Single Parent homes broken. Let it be clear that as long as a child is surrounded by love, family and support, NOTHING IS BROKEN

But rather, a broken home is a dysfunctional family where there is always conflict between mummy and daddy as well as abuse between them. This leads to children in such families growing up to think that kind of situation is normal.

Meanwhile, if the abusive husband ends up beating the wife to death won't that also be a broken home?

Also, in the bid to keep your home from being broken, you end up with broken children who go ahead to become broken adults and the vicious cycle continues!

This narrative and way of thinking truly needs to change.

N.B I was a victim of domestic abuse for 7 years, it NEVER gets better!

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