Thursday, 10 December 2020

Heartfelt Message To Divorced Or Separated Single Moms

Dear Divorced/Separated Single Mom,

NEVER be afraid to start over again even if it has to be humble beginnings from scratch!

Life is lived in phases, some good and some not so good but your ability to encourage yourself to live through the phases is what will keep you going.

This was me and my children  9 years ago when I graduated from my church's vocational school where I had gone to learn soapmaking.

Facebook reminded me of this picture today. This was after a successful 10 years bank career which I unfortunately lost due to circumstances beyond my control😔

This was also 2 years after I left my abusive marriage, so I was practically starting over as a single mom with no job and I had 2 dependants!

I could have stayed in that victim mode feeling sorry for myself and asking God 'why me?'

But, I decided to START OVER even when others thought selling soap was 'beneath' me.

I did that faithfully for almost 2 years before I then got a job as a media personality and like they say, the rest is history today.

Please don't allow anybody shame you into self pity or depression.


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