Thursday, 3 December 2020

16 Year Old Marsai Martin Breaks Guinness World Records

Parents! Parents! Parents! How many times did I call you? Please encourage your child's talent and start to groom it from when they are young!

16 year old Marsai Martin has broken the Guinness World Records title for youngest Hollywood executive producer for her breakout movie titled Little which she did when she was 14!

According to reports, she pitched the idea for the movie to "Black-ish" producer Kenya Barris, who also served as one of the producers of "Little," when she was just 10 years old. 

After the pitch was accepted, she signed a deal with Universal Pictures and they finally developed the scripted projects in 2019.

Although she was not presented with the award until this year, the record acknowledges that she was 14 years and 241 days old when "Little" was released.

Marsai says the idea for the movie began in her living room where she first brought the idea to her parents.

Little tells the story of a domineering boss who becomes a child again and learns the error of her ways, proving that kindness always wins. I actually laughed my head off and kept screaming in the cinema as I was watching the movie when it came out (apologies to those that sat beside me in the cinema, though truth be told we were all guilty of the same thing...Lol)

Marsai actually started this journey from the age of 5 years old when she landed her first national commercial for Choice Hotel. Her family then moved to Los Angeles in 2013 so she could pursue an acting career.

Now, at 16 years old, Marsai Martin is using her platform to allow other young children see themselves represented in her and she says she hopes that young black girls can see that positive things can happen just by being yourself and going for what you believe in with your parents support of course!

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