Thursday, 8 October 2020

SUICIDE Should NEVER Be An Option

For some reason, I am being led to share a video I did about suicide months ago on my Youtube channel and I believe somebody needs it because it just came randomly to my mind to share it.

Yes, for those wondering, I actually started a Youtube channel a while ago but abandoned it because I was looking for tools to perfect it but just like I revived this blog a few weeks ago, I will also revive the channel again with your help of course so please subscribe to it oooo I am begging, no shakara at all...Lol!

Interestingly, this video was about how I also battled with suicidal thoughts and how God helped me overcome it. The truth is that sometimes life can get overwhelming but you must remind yourself that you will always overcome it no matter what


You need to also understand that pain is temporary and will pass but suicide is a permanent thing that is not even a solution because it just passes the pain to other people which is actually a very selfish thing to do.

If you are feeling this way or suicidal thoughts keep crossing your mind, please reach out to somebody close to you and dont die in silence. Remember that people will always talk so don't allow the fear of them talking not make you reach out!


Reach out! Save your life and come back stronger to also talk about it and help others okay?

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