Monday, 12 October 2020

Nigerian Police Needs To Be Our Friend Again

Right here in Nigeria, I honestly can't count how many times my heart starts to beat very fast when I am in a car and suddenly come across police men on the road or at a check point because you honestly don't know which direction the 'conversation' will go😐😔☹️

It is no longer news that the police harass us a lot here, especially during a supposed stop and search which ends up in them asking for a tip before you are allowed to go.

Lets not even mention the dreaded Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS) operatives who were put in place to protect civilians from armed robbers.

Unfortunately, they have turned around to extort, harass, attack and even sometimes kill innocent youth all in the name of profiling them and assuming they engage in fraud and crime.

Sometimes they stop you on the road and go through your phone then force you to withdraw money from the ATM all while threatening to beat or even kill you!


This really needs to stop and we as Nigerians need to feel safe again with those meant to protect us nationally and that is the police!



There has to be a restructuring and reformation of the police force generally which is why the protests continue with the sole aim to end police brutality completely.

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