Friday, 25 September 2020

Real Life Issues In Latest Living My Single Series


Are you evolving or just remaining where you are with no changes because of challenges life has thrown at you?Life in itself is dynamic & constantly evolving so why should you be stagnant?

11 years ago when I left my marriage, my life practically came to a halt & it seemed like I was even in a retrogression. I went to zero level mentally, physically & financially. I was like a fish out of water looking for how to survive.

Contrary to what some people think, it was a very tough decision that took me about 2 years to finally take.

Interestingly, I had left my ex 3 times prior to this but always came back because of different 'what will people say' scenarios.

Infact the 3rd time, I even went to make an official report at Denton Police station where the officer on duty laughed at me & asked why I would be filing a report against the father of my children.

My answer was for them to ask him to write an undertaking that nothing bad will happen to me if I returned back under his roof.

Despite this, I just never felt safe & chose to finally leave for the sake of my sanity & health. I had developed high blood pressure, was popping pills & gradually getting hooked on Bailey's which I used to take to help me sleep.


Did things suddenly change for the better after I left? Heck no! That was when the struggle began, to reshape my life into a positive & happy one again.

I went through deep depression, bitterness, brokenness & frequent suicidal thoughts. It was a painful process getting out of that space, it took me years & of course the grace of God.

I had to learn to turn deaf ears to people's assumptions, insults & perceptions while rebuilding myself inside out by evolving into someone with peace of mind & joy despite everything.

Your evolution will be a journey & it would be one you should be ready to take armed with adequate information that will lead to your transformation.

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