Friday, 18 September 2020

Living My Truth Series (21)

I actually started a series about 4 months ago where I share stories from my life to inspire people to thrive despite their challenges. Thank God i am back to blogging again so you my dear reader will also have access to the past stories but for now, enjoy the latest one.

I wasn't the typical blushing, happy bride when I got married 18 years ago. Rather, I was just a young girl with many uncertainties as to why I was even getting married in the first place.

Marriage for me at that time was to fufil the chronological blue print of graduate from school, NYSC service, get a good job and marry right?

WRONG! That decision I took was the beginning of a very turbulent time in the journey of my life. 

Infact, it was a time when I took a wrong detour and went down a path I had no business being on simply because I didn't know why I got married when I did.

When you don't know the reason for what you do, mistakes are inevitable! Check so many decisions you have taken in your life and ask yourself why?

Why did I get married? It wasn't about love but more like I felt that was the next thing to do so I didn't pay due diligence about who I got married to.

Eventually, when I knew why I couldn't stay on in the marriage I had to leave and I did.Though I learnt the hard and painful way, it taught me the vital life lesson of asking why before I take any major decisions.

Which is why I am sharing today to make you take a personal audit of yourself and your actions and ask yourself why.

Why do you want that job? Why do you want to marry that man/woman? Why do you want more children? Why do you want to leave that job? Why do you want to date that person?Why do you want that outfit? Why do you want that house? Why do you want that car?WHY?

The list goes on and on BUT if you are truly honest with yourself as regards your will save yourself from taking wrong decisions along the way.

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