Thursday, 24 September 2020

Exciting News, Living My Truth Virtual Summit Loading!

Something about my usual weekly LIVING MY TRUTH SERIES continues to strike a chord with so many people!

My inbox, DM and even WhatsApp has been on fire with people sending messages to either ask or confirm various things.

Apologies to those I couldn't respond to fully, the truth is that these series are actually a very compressed write up of the different challenges I have gone through and how I have been able to keep my head up with positive vibes.

However, I can show you the strategy I have used over the years and I am still using😉🤗😘

So to reach more people, I have decided to organise the first Living My Truth Virtual Summit to help those who really want to's going to be FREE😁

Living My Truth Virtual Summit, is an exclusive 2 day Masterclass and live coaching session rolled into one to teach you the strategies that have helped me thus far and can also help you too!

There will be six other speakers who will also help you find the clarity you need to thrive and overcome anything holding you back from being who you can be in a way you never thought possible!

These speakers both male and female, are experts in their various fields and will be sharing from experience as they have all gone through very serious challenges but have come out blazing. 

You can say life has thrown them lemons and they have been able to make lemonade or margarita on the rocks😁😉

Register and Sign up now for this FREE & EXCLUSIVE 2 day Virtual Summit that comes up in October (click link below)

Actual dates will be sent after registration😘💪


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