Thursday, 3 September 2020


 Can I truly say I am back with a bang? Its been ages since I last updated this blog and thats because LIFE HAPPENED!

Oh yes, I got caught up with different activities and the usual hustle and bustle of trying to survive in our darling country called Nigeria...Lol!

Honestly, to be sane and happy in this country means you must be intentional and deliberate about taking life one day at a time and not allow the political or economic circumstances affect you too much.

So here I am saying SORRY for my long absence, I promise to show up more often and of course add more value to you in one way or the other.

Meanwhile, a lot has happened since I last put up any blog post, I have also evolved in so many ways all in a bid to keep impacting and adding value.

I have gone ahead to earn more certifications to improve on myself and be able to offer more. I am officially a Life Coach with my niche as a Happiness & Family Fun Life Coach.

So get ready to see more content that will be focused on adding more cheer to you and your family as you continue this journey called life😇😁


At this point, I guess I can therefore say I am back with a BANG!!!

Be on the lookout for more and I thank you for taking time to visit my blog😘


  1. So looking forward to contents that are both inspiring and hilarious.
    Welldone Aunty Bimbo, and welcome back!

    1. Whoop!Whoop! boy am i excited to be back too!Thank you very much


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