Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Did You Know August Is Family Fun Month? Cheers To A Great August!

Saying Happy New Month NEVER gets old because God keeps giving you the Grace to see another month despite the news of many people dying everyday.

I wish you and your family New Blessings, New Favor, New Goals & a New Mindset to keep winning NO MATTER WHAT!

August is a great month because its the last month before we officially enter into the "Ember" months which makes it more evident that the year is winding down. 

That is not all, in the U.S, August is Family Fun Month so it’s time to make lasting memories with your family. Like they say, family is EVERYTHING so it is important that you consciously and deliberately spend quality time with your family.

You can do so many fun things with your family without breaking the bank some of which include:

1. Host a family game night! Take turns picking out games, and invite other families to join in on the fun. It can range from playing cards to different board games.

2. You can also dedicate time to visit an amusement centre or a Family Entertainment Centre.

3. You can visit the cinema or create a movie night in  your house! Simply drape a sheet on a big wall in the house and use a projector.....don’t forget to get some popcorn and drinks.

4. You can also make a family dinner together with every member of the family doing something towards the cooking. It sure will be fun to see mummy, daddy and the children together in the kitchen won't it?

5. Another family fun activity can be to rearrange some furniture in your living room and turn it into a dance center with everyone dancing to the music.

At the end of the day, the bottom-line is to create an atmosphere filled with family bonding activities to celebrate your family and strengthen your connections.



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