Tuesday, 25 April 2017

KLT4KIDS (Kidfirmations) Holiday Life Training For Kids By Aunty Bimbo Was A Huge Success

The highly anticipated holiday Training for children called KLT4KIDS (Kidfirmations Life Training) was a major success with an interesting mix of 73 amazing children who gathered together to learn life skills like Leadership, Social/Emotional Intelligence, Etiquette, Public Speaking, Presentation and Community Service.

Kidfirmations is a tool I came up with which are affirmations for children to help boost their self confidence and self esteem. It is a banner of 10 different affirmations that empower children and the KLT4Kids Training is a program of life skills and alternative learning to help them achieve this.

The venue was Funtasticaland, Ilupeju Centre a family entertainment center that suited the theme of the holiday training which was all about FUN and LEARNING which is what the 'Aunty Bimbo' brand stands for.

It was indeed lots of fun getting the children to interact and learn things outside of the usual academics and there was serious emphasis on teaching the children about leading being about service and the ability to be part of a team.

The acronym of TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) was taught the children and they were divided into 10 groups to come up with a presentation as a team for the final day.

During the Social & Emotional Intelligence class which was handled by Emotional Intelligence Experts Queenette Enilama and Olamide Abels, the children were given opportunities to express themselves and describe their emotions on how to respond rather than react when things don't go their way.

Some of the kids had been using words in jest to tease others that they didn't really know the meaning of and when they realised the impact, it was like scales literally dropped from their eyes. There was also a lot of role play and tools deployed to teach them real life scenarios and also how tone and attitude affects the way you relate and react to people.

One of our facilitators, Queenette Itsemhe Enilama taught the children a wonderful song to buttress the Social & Emotional Intelligence Class.

"Use Your Words To Build Your Future.
Use Your Words To Meet Your Needs.
Words Can Help You
Words Can Hurt You
Use Your Words Most Carefully"

During the leadership class which was taken by me, the children were taught how to pay attention to details (in line with being a leader) and it was interesting to see how they were able to adapt to looking closely at things to pick out hidden details. A picture of hidden faces was used as a graphic example and the children had a great time trying to find the faces.

I also engaged the class with the Stroop Effect Color Chart which is a tool used in Psychology to measure Selective Attention and Cognitive Flexibility. The children had a very interactive time engaging in this and the 73 of them all had a go with the Stroop Effect and some wanted to go on and on! Lol!

Our Public Speaking Class was taken by CEO of Plectrum Hub, Toyin Akinlade and she did justice to it by engaging the children with examples and letting them also practice. It was a joy to see most of them step up boldly to speak in front of others including one of our 5 year old students, Mofeore, who blew us away with her presentation.

Another of our facilitators, Temitope Ogunniyi who is popularly know as the Happy Teacher also had an amazing time teaching the children about presentation skills and it was amazing to see the children step up boldly with renewed confidence.

We wrapped up the KLT4KIDS Holiday training with Community Service where the children cleaned the whole environment of the venue complete with nose masks and gloves! They enjoyed doing this as its often domestic help who do this for some of them at home.

On the last day, the children blew us away with their creativity and organisational skills in their respective teams and they all worked together to ensure that they gave awesome presentations worthy of commendation. 

This proved to us that they clearly understood the meaning of working as a team.

All Glory to God for the success of the Maiden Edition of the KLT4KIDS and the impact on the children that attended continues to be a work in progress with the support of their parents.

I remain grateful to the phenomenal parents who decided to take a chance and send out their children to "Aunty Bimbo"for the KLT4KIDS and the truth is that there is NO ME WITHOUT YOU and I DO NOT take it for granted

Their feedback from the beginning to the end of the training and even beyond continues to be very encouraging as positive feedback is indeed good for the soul and pushes you to do more!

The idea for KLT4KIDS was a divine one to me borne out of the Affirmation tool called KIDFIRMATIONS which I developed to help children think positive and be positive by using words that boosts their confidence.

I also could not have done it without my able team of facilitators, Queenette Itsemhe Enilama Olamide Tinuade Abels Temitope Ogunniyi and Toyin Akinlade who are experts in their various fields. They supported me tirelessly and ensured that the 5 days of the training was a huge success and the children always happy.

I thank God for the "Aunty Bimbo" brand which remains all about continuous improvement through Fun and Learning and my prayer is that the children who attended will continue to make their parents proud and stand out in their positioning as leaders of tomorrow.

KLT4KIDS Holiday Training will come up again in a more robust form in Summer so till then WATCH OUT!!!!

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