Friday, 28 April 2017

Find Out How 12 Children Visited The Studio On Family Funtime Show With Aunty Bimbo

Its an open secret that the theme of every edition of the Family Funtime Show is FUN and LEARNING and we go to great lengths to ensure both parents and children enjoy it.

12 children joined me on the show few weeks ago and they had the time of their lives expressing themselves and learning a thing or two.

We discussed money and if the children really knew the value of money and the people on the different Naira denominations. Our Know Your World Segment was on Murtala Muhammed, a great historical figure and the face on our N20 ( twenty naira note). Are you aware that Murtala Mohammed said Lagos was too dirty and should not be the Federal Capital Territory?

We had other different fun activities including dancing on the show and rounded it up with a Tongue Twister Session and it was hilarious getting the children and their mums try to say "Clumsy Clowns Crushed The King's Crown" Lol! Try saying it 3 times without making a mistake!!

In all, I bless God for another successful show and look forward to next week Saturday again on Family Funtime With Aunty Bimbo (FFAB) on KissFm Lagos 98.9 from 11am to 12 noon.

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