Sunday, 26 March 2017

So Much Depression & Suicide But So Little Help? Check Out Helplines To Call For Help

It is no longer news that a doctor committed suicide last week in Lagos by jumping off the 3rd Mainland bridge.

So far, there have been lots of assumptions as to why he did it with some people even stating it could be spiritual issues.....hmnnnn!

During the week, I was listening to a show on radio and a woman called in seriously weeping and asking for help as her husband had beaten her again and she was fed up. If she later commits suicide will that also be swept under the spiritual umbrella?

The truth is that depression is real and comes in various ways and forms which we all deal with in different manners. 

So also is the fact that some of us are more emotionally stronger than others while some people just lose it at the first sign of problems. Heck, I still cried this weekend because someone's words & actions hurt me but I was able to put up a cheerful disposition eventually.

It is important to understand that just as we all look different, our level and threshold of tolerance, pain, acceptance & coping mechanism also varies.

I have been seeing so many people say and write reach out, speak out etc. Sometimes you do and people don't believe you or even make you feel worse for speaking or reaching out. Infact some even trivialise it by saying they have had it worse as if it is a competition!

However, there are organisations and bodies trained to handle such and here are contact numbers, email addresses and physical location of some of them.

Let's share as you never know who might need it. Besides, it just might be easier for some people to reach out to these neutral bodies/agencies as opposed to people they know personally who might criticise or judge them.

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