Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Open Letter To Payporte, Sponsors Of Big Brother Naija

Dear Payporte,

I commend your business decision in sponsoring Big Brother Naija and the success thus far.

Everyday since the show started even though I am not watching, I get updates everywhere on social media either via bloggers or people that are avidly watching it day in day out.

YouTube views of different Big Brother scenes are in millions not to mention the number of people talking about it and making it a continuous trending issue.

In fact, it has become a case of faith cometh by "watching" as more people get hooked on watching the show and guessing who will kiss who or do something outrageous next.

I am not writing to condemn Big Brother because the truth is that everyone has a choice as to what they want to do and how far they can go whether anyone is watching them or not. Everyone also has a choice as to what they watch or listen to either via TV, radio or Youtube.

I know that PayPorte is a brand that loves to be associated with innovative ideas that unify people irrespective of their background and as you took a chance with Big Brother Naija, I want to appeal that you take a chance with my show, Family Funtime on radio.

It is an idea from me to impact families in the society through "edutainment" via content that is entertaining, teaches educational values, moral values and also family fun content that empowers parents and children alike.

While the winner of Big Brother Naija goes home with 25 Million Naira after 11 weeks, with just about 5 to 7 Million Naira, the Family Funtime show can be paid for a whole year and syndicated across different radio stations.

It has been a gruelling task getting any major sponsors for the show thus far because I don't know the powers that be in media agencies or companies but just as you took a chance with Big Brother Naija, I hereby appeal that you take a chance with Family Funtime Show.

It can even be as a CSR project as it will indeed be in line with your culture of affecting the quality of lives in the community through strategic partnerships by encouraging a show that appeals to both parents and children through fun and learning.

Thank you in anticipation of your favorable consideration

Warm Regards
Bimbo Olasope (Aunty Bimbo)

Independent Producer, Family Funtime Radio Show

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