Sunday, 5 February 2017

Mothers Pampering Series (Wk 6) We Celebrate Dr Princess Olufemi-Kayode's Mother, Madam Ayuk

When an amazon and advocate of sexual abuse publicly talks about her mother with so much passion, then you know that indeed that mother has made a huge impact and that is why we are celebrating Dr Princess Olufemi-Kayode's mother today on the Mothers Pampering Series.

Dr Princess Olufemi-Kayode is a Sexuality minister, Sex & Intimacy Coach, Sexuality Counsellor and a Family Life Strategist. I met her some years ago when I invited her to come and talk about rape on my show at the time called "Living Single". 

She is very vocal and passionate about this advocacy and when I stumbled across her celebrating her mum, Madam Ayuk, who turned 74 years old last week, I knew I had to feature her on this series.

Below are her exact words in celebrating a mother that has obviously done so much to generate such an open declaration of love!

My Mum

You are called blessed and will remain so. The foundations of God you set in our lives has yielded great harvest today as all your children walk in one gift or the other to the Body of Christ

You made loving and knowing God vital. You made us believe in a God we could not see but you made us experience Him; awesome times and memories. The Ever Great God did not forget the souls you birth for Him.

Today you celebrate adding another year
The most unique
A time of gratitude to God
A time of just rejoicing 
A time of dancing
A time of jubilation
A time of celebration

God has been so GOOD!
Too much!!!
Mummy I celebrate our God in your life
So glad and overwhelmed
His faithfulness so awesome

As you kick off a new phase 
May your light shine brighter
May your experience of God be new every morning

May your health flourish like a palm tree. May your strength be renewed. May your strength be as your days

I honour you

N.B Watch out for the next Mother I will be celebrating….you want it to be your Mama? Send me an email at ( with her picture and details about her and let the whole world celebrate this woman who birthed you.

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