Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Mothers Pampering Series Wk1: We Celebrate Pastor Beatrice Iduhon, Mom Like No Other

Recently, I was telling a friend of mine how my mum has been supporting me financially even as an adult and she said that was the duty of a mother. 

We then got into a slightly heated discussion on how some mothers are not that selfless and it reinforced my resolve to celebrate mothers who have ever been or remain pillars of support to their children.

I was still pondering over this when I stumbled across a friend's post on Facebook where she wrote deep stuff about her mum who is unfortunately late and it really touched me.

I reached out to her and with her permission will be celebrating her mum, Pastor Beatrice Iduhon. Her exact words were "Bimbo you will not understand, my mum was the best, its like a part of my life is empty without her. You never know how much you love someone, till they are gone."


365 days gone but it seems like 365 minutes to me. I was driving to Benin to bring you home to Lagos but got the news that you had stopped breathing and that you were on your way to heaven.

I begged you to wait for me just to hear a word from you but I guess I couldn't fly with my car even though I was already approaching Benin city.

My eyes went blank for a while, I felt like running out of the car. No!No!No!No!No! mum you can't go now. I saw you on your bed and to me you were asleep and I pleaded with God to bring you back!

I prayed, yelled, cried but your maker said I need her more than you do my dear daughter. Mum, I love you so much and I know you are in heaven watching and smiling down on us.

I am proud to celebrate you today and always,my Iye ni Iye, my Jewel,my sweet mum,may you continue to rest in peace

Iduhon Ododo Maureen

N.B Watch out for the next Mother I will be celebrating….you want it to be your Mama? Send me an email at ( with her picture and details about her and let the whole world celebrate this woman who birthed you whether she is still living or has gone to rest with her maker.

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