Sunday, 29 January 2017

Mothers Pampering Series (Wk 5) We Celebrate Ben Carson's Mother, Sonya Carson

Famous American neurosurgeon, Ben Carson who has over 60 honorary doctorate degrees and pioneered some notable breakthroughs in surgery of conjoined twins always attributes his success to his mother, Sonya Carson.

He says she is the reason for his success and remains a driving force in his career and who he eventually became in life. Sonya Carson raised both Ben and his brother Curtis as a single mum and at a time worked 3 jobs in order to support them. 

She never finished school but made sure her sons went to school and became graduates. In fact at a time when they weren't doing so well in school, she took it upon herself to stop them watching TV and made sure they read books every week and wrote reports to show they understood what they had read.

Sonya Carson was very passionate about her children's education, always challenging and inspiring them to dream bigger and Ben Carson's life is a public testimony of the outcome of all this dedication.

That is not all, she also made sure her boys were also deeply impacted spiritually, prayed, went to church and depended on God for wisdom. Her life motto was:  "Learn to do your best and God will do the rest." 

This is evident in her sons who both ended up as successful graduates with Ben Carson becoming a world-renowned neurosurgeon who led a team to remove two Siamese twins who were joined at the back of the head. 

On the Mothers Pampering Series today, we celebrate Sonya Carson who overcame hardship, poverty, single- motherhood, and depression to work hard to raise two sons who have grown up to be successful men.

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