Sunday, 8 January 2017

Mothers Pampering Series Wk 2: We Celebrate Angelique Kidjo's Mum, Vonne Kidjo

When you can publicly credit your success to your 90 year old mother then one can say that indeed, she has made a major impact in your life. This is exactly what popular African singer, Angelique Kidjo says about her mother, Vonne Kidjo who is the esteemed mom we are profiling today on the Mothers Pampering Series.

Angelique Kidjo is one of Africa’s most engaging, powerful and charismatic female vocalists and she says her mother has been a major influence in her life. Mrs Vonne Kidjo taught Angelique about dance choreography and allowed her start to sing and dance at the young age of 6!

Vonne Kidjo was a renowned choreographer and theatre director who had a dance troupe which was where she groomed her daughter such that by the time Angélique reached her 9th birthday she had already established an excellent reputation in singing and dancing.

Being the only girl among 8 boys, Angelique Kidjo’s mum made sure her daughter was brought up to be strong and independent and this has helped her in her music career over the years such that she gained so much international influence and even won the popular Grammy Award for Best World Music in 2016.

According to her, the advice of her mum taught her to be spiritually naked and truthful and this has set the tone for Angelique’s music which often carries a message of peace and understanding.

To show how much of an influence her mum has been in her life, Angelique Kidjo named her 10th album Eve, for her mother and Yvonne Kidjo herself appears on one of the songs in that album.

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