Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Get More Visibility For Your School On Family Funtime With Aunty Bimbo (FFAB) School Showcase

Mrs Ariyibi sent me a message earlier this month telling me how she has changed school for her 7 year old daughter Fola, 3 times already in the past few years and wants to change her school again. 

She was asking me to recommend a school for her and it was in the process of asking her the reasons why she chose the previous schools that I realised she barely even knew anything about the schools she chose for her daughter in the first place.

The decision of choosing a school for your child is one of the most important decisions a parent will take for their child and getting it right can be critical to your child's development. 

I get asked so many times to recommend a school for children but the truth is there are so many good schools out there that cater to children in so many ways and unfortunately I don't know them all.

However, I choose to be a compass that will help navigate parents and families in the right direction hence the Family Funtime With Aunty Bimbo (FFAB) School Showcase, a service that will serve as a map that highlights the features of schools with a first hand interview with them to let us into what they have to offer students and parents alike.

Schools who take advantage of the FFAB School Showcase offer will get the following:

Radio Interview
Blog Feature
Facebook Feature
Instagram feature 
Twitter Feature

More visibility for your school
Wider reach for your target audience
Online real time advantage
More social media presence
Eventually register more students

If you are a school that wants to subscribe for this service, kindly call Bunmi on 08029762167 or send a mail to for clarification of terms and conditions.

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