Sunday, 1 January 2017

Celebrating Mothers, Check Out The Mum I Start With This New Year On Our Mothers Pampering Series

“Who sat and watched my infant head when sleeping on my daily bed and wept for fear that I would die…...MY MOTHER!!!!!”

2017 has finally come after so much anticipation and what better way to start it than to celebrate the vessels that God used to bring you into the world? Yes I know it is the seed of the father that joins with the mother and produces the child but you can’t deny that the mother carries and nurtures the seed inside her body for 9 months before then continuing the nurturing for the rest of that child’s life alongside the father.

Last year I started an event called Mother’s Pampering Day after I took a survey that showed that so many Mums were overwhelmed with parenting their children and running their business or working in an office. The day of the event also showed that indeed Mothers needed to be pampered as they let down their hair like never before because it was a day they didn’t need to watch their children or spouse because it was all about them alone.

With that said and done, I have decided to celebrate mothers everyday of this year and not wait till Mother's Day, afterall EVERYONE has got a mother right whether living or dead? It is also not strange to hear a lot of people say how their mothers were very instrumental to who they are today.

Have you ever wondered about the mothers of so many people around you both celebrities and you and I alike? Well, I will be letting you know some of them because I will be going all out on this Mother's celebration journey.

So if you want me to help celebrate your Mum as I start this journey of daily celebration, feel free to send me an email with her picture and profile as well as highlighting special things about them.If you have a picture you took with them it is also very welcome. Please note that this celebration is for both mothers who are still alive and those that have passed to the great beyond. Please send the mail to

My Mother- Funmilayo Akodu

Where do I even start from in talking about my mum? She is a woman who has always been so independent, strong and fiercely protective about her children even though we are all now grown.

Funny enough when I was growing up my mum was so strict my neighbors thought i was adopted! Infact some of them thought I was a relative’s child living with her because of how strict she was. She was one of those old school mums who told me that if I talked to a boy I would get pregnant, I am sure some of you can relate to those kind of mums.

However, in all of this, my mum NEVER made me know lack, she raised me as a single mum and she always made sure I had all the basic things I needed. She taught me how to be independent as well and when people tell me Bimbo you are so strong I credit God and my mum for that strength.

She instilled so many positive values in me like being considerate about other people and not to be envious of any body. Asides this, she also taught me contentment and how not to ever be intimidated by anyone and I have been able to gladly pass this across to my own children.

The funny thing about my mum is that my friends are her friends and my enemies are her enemies and before you roll your eyes remember there is no one alive without enemies whether you know them or not.

On the spiritual side, I must give great kudos to my Mama because she taught me the path of righteousness from a very young age and like I tell people close to me, I have no choice than to worship God as it is a necessity and not an option because that is ALL I know. She taught me the power and efficacy of prayer and to believe that anything is possible when you pray.

The times I have made mistakes and didn’t take her advice on some issues, she never turned her back on me and like she used to say, she has no choice than to suffer and bear it through with me. I can call her a very formidable force and wind beneath my wings and I won’t be wrong.

So here are 3 hearty cheers to my mother, not because it is her birthday which is still in December, but because of the sacrifice she has made and continues to make for me and mine.

N.B Watch out for the next Mother I will be celebrating tomorrow….you want it to be your Mama? Send me an email at ( with her picture and details about her and let the whole world celebrate this woman who birthed you.

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