Thursday, 3 November 2016

Check Out Updates From The Mommies Pampering Playdate

Some people were asking if it was my birthday and I was like, “YES IT IS!” even though my birthday was in January BUT it was the birthdate of the MOMMIES PAMPERING PLAYDATE!

Indeed I did it afraid because I usually only organise exclusive hangouts just for kids via Aunty Bimbo Kids World but this time I decided to do something for the mommies and this is the result with the support of FUNTASTICALAND, a Family Entertainment Center with branches at Ilupeju, Festac and Maryland Mall.

With just one week notice, God helped me pull it off and I am still in awe at how successful it was. But again should I really be surprised? 

When you serve a God that can surpass your imagination what do you expect? When you serve a God who loves you unconditionally what do you expect? When you serve a God who neither sleeps nor slumbers what do you expect?

Many Mommies turned Sisters turned up with their children and amazingly, only 7 or 8 were people I already knew, the others were from FACEBOOK! Please tell me again that Social Media is not Bae!!! Lol!

Shout out to those who turned up and for those that couldn’t make it this time, well YOU MISSED!!! However, MOMMIES PAMPERING PLAYDATE will hold once every quarter so start preparing for the next one which will be in FEBRUARY 2017 by God’s Grace.

From Make-up, massage, manicure, pedicure, dancing, merry Go-Round and pep talk from Praise Fowowe, Funke Quadri of Peaches 'n' Cream Spa & Oyinkansola Alabi, I am proud to say it was a hit BACK to BACK!!!!!!!

Shout out to Photographer Extraordinaire, Arawole Abisola of Diva Visuals who gave us these extraordinary pictures...mwah!

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