Thursday, 6 October 2016

Parenting Challenge, Amplify Your Parenting In 7 Days!

Having a good lesson teacher for your child definitely goes a long way in helping that child and if you are like me who cannot solve a maths question to save my life, having a great lesson teacher definitely makes life easier! BUT how about having a lesson teacher for yourself as a parent?   

Why? To teach you what? Well, its simply to help serve as a check and balance on your parenting skills to ensure you are on the right path and also to put things in perspective for you after all nobody can lay claim to knowing everything and there is definitely no manual on parenting! Besides like they say, two heads are better than one and having someone to help and guide you will surely go a long way.   

Are there times you feel overwhelmed with work, trying to make ends meet, supporting your family and feeling guilty about not spending quality time with your child(ren)? Sometimes you are even spending time with your child but you just aren't sure if you are doing the right thing especially when your child displays a behavior you are not expecting or just refuses to do what you tell him/her! That can be frustrating at times can’t it? 


The past week for me has been spent attending a  Family Systems Engineering program with Praise Fowowe which gave lots of insight into working on family visions, family values, family economy/finance and even family constitution...yes, there is something like that! Lol  


Honestly, if we can get it right in individual families, then we will produce better children who will end up being better adults and better leaders after all Barak Obama was born into a family and became America's President while Osama Bin Laden was also born into a family but became a feared terrorist.  


How will you like to have access to resources that will help you improve your parenting in 7 Days? Sign up for the Amplify Your Parenting Challenge and become more deliberate and intentional about your parenting with the result being Happy Parent! Happy Child! 

Click here to join our FREE 7 Day Amplify Your Parenting Challenge™ and let's work as a TEAM to improve on our parenting & our families, remember, Together Everyone Achieves More!   

The 7 Day Amplify Your Parenting Challenge™ will kick off on the 10th Of October, sign up NOW to be a part of it  


Clarity in Parenting 
Confidence in Parenting 
Creating Family Vision 
Creating Family Systems 
Family Harmony 
Happy Parent 
Happy Child   


5 minute Daily Podcasts that will help your clarity and especially allay your fears and worries about parenting alongside affirmations to keep you going. 

Videos that will give you tips on how to improve your parenting skills by being more deliberate & intentional. 

Worksheets that will serve as a checklist to help with your expectations as a parent 

Facebook Group support on questions you might have as regards concerns about your child(ren) and parenting journey   

Bonus: At the end of the 7 days, the winner of the challenge gets to celebrate their newly informed status with an all expense paid exclusive promo hangout offer with me Aunty Bimbo and your child(ren) at a special family entertainment centre!   

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