Monday, 19 September 2016

Find Out How 12 Yr Old Grace Vanderwaal Won This Year's Edition Of America's Got Talent


Children in this day and time are certainly set to break records and as a parent you need to know this and position your child to succeed. Just a few days ago, a 12 year old girl, Grace Vandervaal, won the popular American reality game show, America's Got Talent and took home the sum of 1 Million Dollars! (try converting that into present day Naira....OMG!)

Grace is already been called the next Taylor Swift who also started her singing career at a very young age and was encouraged by her mother.At the Grand Finale, as her name was called, Grace burst into tears at the shock of being named the winner of the season 11 finale of the hit NBC talent show. 

She also broke the record of having the biggest votes for America's Got Talent as revealed by host, Nick Cannon who said tens of millions of people actually voted.

Click here to read more of how she made it to win 1 Million Dollars on the popular America's Got Talent amidst so many other talented people......

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