Monday, 19 September 2016

Have Fun With Your Child & Hangout With Aunty Bimbo At @skatecity_ng Maryland Mall Lagos

                               Aunty Bimbo  

All roads lead to Skate City at Maryland Mall this Saturday for our September Aunty Bimbo Kids Hangout where parents and children will get to relax and have fun after all schools are just resuming and giving the kids a treat over the weekend wont be a bad idea.  


Aunty Bimbo Kids Hangout is geared towards helping you as a parent ease off the stress of regular hustle and bustle by letting down your hair alongside your child(ren) in a fun-filled atmosphere where your kids will have fun with other children and share a bonding experience.   We have all heard the saying that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and this has been scientifically proven as research from Child Psychologists in the US shows that play and hangouts can improve a child socially and psychologically as it helps them know how to relate with other children in a social setting.


 As a mum who used to be a stuck up banker barely having time for my kids and seeing taking them out as time wasting and expensive, I have since come to realise that I was literally shortchanging myself and my kids as hangouts are also a time to bond and spend quality time with your kids. I also found out that contrary to what many people think, you can actually take your child(ren) out for a good time WITHOUT breaking the bank hence the Aunty Bimbo Kids Hangout which organises events for parents and children from ages 3- 14.


Once every month, in partnership with exclusive fun family entertainment centers, I organise hangouts at a subsidized rate and this September we'll be visiting Skate City for an amazing and fantastic time out! Skate City in conjunction with their sister company, Euphoria Smoothies will be giving us access to their facilities at a highly subsidized rate when we visit them this Saturday, 24th 2016 from 10 to 5pm!   

It promises to be a very unique and fabulous experience as you and your child(ren) will get to learn how to skate either on the roller skates or hover board, I have personally checked it out as you can see from above and I can tell you for free that it is an opportunity best experienced than explained! So you and your child can be goofy together while learning how to skate at Skate City and you also get to enjoy scrumptious snacks courtesy of Euphoria Smoothies.


Skate City is the first skating rink built within a mall in Nigeria and is located within a very secure and environmentally friendly space. It has been uniquely designed to embrace safety and ultimate skating performance with provisions made for beginners, expert and recreational skaters alike with protective gear available for everyone. 


The best part is that with just N2,500 (two thousand five hundred naira) per head, you get the following: Long Time Skating on Roller Skates or Hover Board plus Hotdog, Candy Floss & Slush Long Time Skating on Roller Skates or Hover Board plus Pancake, Candy Floss & Slush Long Time Skating on Roller Skates or Hover Board plus Popcorn, candy Floss & Slush 


There will also be a dancing competition and the winner will be going home with some mind boggling gifts which is Top Secret at the moment and you have to attend to find out. Its going to be a an exciting adventure between skating, dancing and eating yummy stuff to your heart's content so DON'T MISS IT FOR ANYTHING!  


To secure spots for you and your child, kindly pay N2,500 (two thousand five hundred naira) into the following account: La Bims Global Resources Ecobank: 2462049015


You can also pay at the venue with the code ABK10005 at the gate and you will be given the privilege of enjoying this exclusive Aunty Bimbo Kids Hangout privilege. A note of warning though, it is all about FUN and EXCITEMENT and for you to CRAVE YOUR INDULGENCE and ROLL WITH IT! Let's see you and your kids have some serious adventure as Aunty Bimbo Kids Hangout is for both the young and the young at heart and I know you fit into that category somehow.

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