Saturday, 17 September 2016

3 Simple Ways To Improve Your Life Constantly

I believe so much in continuous improvement in life whether personally or as a parent. This is because there is always something to learn and with the changes in environmental factors and technology, we need to learn how to adapt in all ramifications.

When I was growing up there was nothing like mobile phones but today children even younger than 10 know how to operate one. Definitely with this comes its own challenges and how to manage it. I remember a couple of weeks ago, my 14 year old daughter mistakenly hit the rice container causing a spill because she was chatting on her phone via Watsap. Of course that phone was seized for a while especially considering how expensive rice is these days...Lol

A lot of us have no choice than to adapt to these looming changes and the only way is by being knowledgeable about what is happening around you. Presently I just wrapped up a leadership course at the Daystar Leadership Academy and contrary to what you may think, the course covered modules in Problem Solving, Mentoring,Laws of Success, Team building, National Development and even Family Success.

Amazingly, I took the first part of this course which was the Basic Class earlier in March and what I realised is then I was still an employee of a radio station but today, taking the Advanced Class in September, I am a business owner because I resigned in May to focus on building my own empire called Aunty Bimbo Kids World.

Now why am I saying this? Simply to remind you that indeed the only constant thing in life is change. Change in knowledge and sometimes change in association or environment. I absolutely loved where I was working but I wasn't fulfilled, I knew I could do more and impact people on a larger scale hence my thirst for knowledge and ways to improve and this gave me the strength to walk away without regrets.

I want to encourage you to GO FOR IT as the 3 simple ways to improve your life are to Keep Learning! Keep Loving and keep Living....these are the major elements to live a successful life.

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