Monday, 8 August 2016

Harry Potter Author, J.K.Rowling Was A Single Mum When She Became A Millionaire!

With a global brand worth of 15 Billion Dollars and making Forbes list as the first woman billionaire from writing books, did you know that Harry Potter author, J.K.Rowling was a single mum?

Infact as at the time she wrote the first Harry Potter book, she was living on state welfare benefits for herself and her child in the UK!

Today, her story is different, she is married, has more children and continues to make more money from her Harry Potter books which have been made into movies and continues to sell in millions yearly.

J.k.Rowling's also makes sure that she gives a huge chunk of her earnings to charities including single parent families as according to her, she knows how challenging it can be.

I want to encourage a single mum today not to give up on herself or her dreams. The fact that you are a single mum today is not a full stop in the story of your life. Rather, its a comma that will lead to a more robust story that will encourage others.

Do you know J.K.Rowling also went through domestic violence in her first marriage before having the courage to run with her daughter. After this, she lost her mum and went through a phase of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Its not strange to go through these kind of situation and personally, I can relate especially at a period of my life when I could barely feed my children and had to take them to people's houses to eat under the guise of visiting those people whether I was invited or not.

Never be ashamed of your life story because life has been formed to come in phases. The way forward is not to get too caught up in one phase that you don't move to the next.

Today, J.K Rowling is one of the most important and powerful women in the UK. She was a single mum like you and I but didn't allow that stop her from becoming a positive driving force in life.

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