Friday, 8 July 2016

Lemons Or Lemonade? Life Must Go On!

Sweet Lord! its been about 3 months I wrote anything here last! *coversface* Where do I even start from apologizing like I am prone to do? I won't even bother because it might come off as not being sincere and that is the least thing I want to do. Let me just say, the last time I posted on this platform, I had a job I was so crazy about and now I have a life I am still crazy about but no job.

Hehehehehe....yes! you read that right! For those just reading my blog, I used to be an On Air Personality at a radio station but I resigned in the month of May. While it was unexpected, I must say it was long overdue as my shift of 4 to 7am every morning alongside working Monday through Sunday (twice on Saturdays), was beginning to tell on me on all fronts.

Don't get me wrong, I loved and still love being on radio, connecting to people and adding value to them, just in case anyone has another spot for me, Lol! However, my time schedule in particular was just not funny anymore, I used to wake up by 3am every weekday morning so I could get to work before 4am for my shift. 

What kept me going initially was the fact that it was a show to help people start out their day with God and that is one task I never ever take for granted. I am always charged up inspiring and encouraging people on how connecting to God is always a Win-Win situation. However, along the line, some human factors came up and rather than offend anyone, I decided to take a bow.

I must say it was a painful decision for me because nothing gives me joy as much as pushing up the fader and connecting with my audience both home and abroad be it parents and children through the kids show I used to host or to anyone and everyone via the gospel show, Singspiration.

However, as a child of God, life can only get brighter and brighter and thats just how it has been for me thus far and how it will continue to be. I am currently on an entrepreneur journey because I realised its about time I actually built a legacy my children can actually gain from and even continue with.

People that know me realise that I an always keeping my best foot forward and never afraid of change. Infact, I always embrace it whole heartedly because I have got a strong pillar behind me and that is Baba God so why worry when i can always Pray and Praise?

Amazingly, the past 2 months have been so busy and beneficial for me and I have been coming up with different strategies on still adding value to people and making money both online and offline. 

I won't deny there have been times I miss radio so bad but I know when God wants me back, He will definitely make it possible again so hey, no point crying over no milk.....Lol! I am currently building my Aunty Bimbo Kids World, speaking at events, Mcing kids parties, hosting Kids hangouts, social media hypes and offering digital marketing strategies to mention a few.

Meanwhile I want to encourage anyone whose going through any sudden or unexpected change in their life journey. The only constant thing in life is change so never get bothered when it does happen. However sometimes it might be positive or negative BUT you have to keep on keeping on and ALWAYS make sure God is your rear and front guard!

N.B: I will definitely be posting more often now....hehehehehe

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