Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Happy About My Friends Remarriage, But What About Mine?

I found out that one of my friends who had been divorced for about 8yrs got remarried over the weekend and I was so excited for her. She had been through a horrible 3/4 year marriage prior to this and seeing her looking all beautiful and happy in her wedding pictures yesterday, really gladdened my heart.

However, looking at the pictures also made me feel 'somehow' in my heart. I felt a kind of longing for remarriage as well and immediately started rebuking every spirit of envy (as a child of God na...Lol!) As if that wasn't enough, I showed my mum and son the pictures because they also know her and what comes out of my son's mouth immediately is, "mummy, you must be next o!"

What?! next for Wetin? Well, I really can't blame him because just about 2 weeks ago, another of my divorced friends got remarried too. Now before you start thinking" why is Bimbo surrounded by such people?" asides from being in that same situation myself, we just reached out to be support systems to one another which has helped somewhat.

14 years ago when I said 'I Do", it wasn't my intention to leave the marriage 7 years after in 2009. Unfortunately, it happened but hey, life goes on. Do I regret leaving? NO! But I wish I had taken time to do the proper thing before even getting married in the first place.

Fast forward to now, 7 years later of being on my own with 2 children in the mix as a single mum trust me it hasn't been an easy road. The truth is I miss being part of a couple, I miss having a man to call my own,I miss having a man watching out for me and the children, I miss having a man support me financially, I miss having a man treat me like his queen and heck I miss having great sex with a man that loves me ( in the confines of marriage of course! Lol)

However, what it really balls down to is, am I sure of getting married again? I have asked myself this question over and over again and I won't lie, I still don't have an answer!  Yes, I am seeing remarriage stories and pictures left, right and centre but then, I have many friends in marriages now who tell me "horror stories" that make me wonder if marriage is by force or really compulsory.

Truth be told though, there are also some marriages that seem like heaven on earth not that they don't also have issues but they seem to be able to make it work and be happier for it. So while I believe God for such, I have decided to just calm down and not allow myself get pressured into making another mistake on the marriage route. 

I also want to encourage anyone who finds themselves in this situation, either you have never been married before or you are  believing God for a remarriage after a sour experience, GOD HAS NOT STOPPED BLESSING HIS OWN and His word says NO GOOD THING WILL HE WITHHOLD FROM THOSE WHO LOVE HIM!

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