Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Why I Don't Dread March Anymore!

The month of March has always filled me with dread because it symbolises a period of my life when I took a step that changed my life forever!

On the 8th of March 2010 precisely, I woke up, went to my office and resigned from a 9year banking career with immediate effect and without any notice. Till date, my mum still insists that I did it under spiritual manipulation...Lol.

However, I chose not to believe that,  because I was fed up and tired of living a fake life where it seemed like I was an 'Oceanic Bank Big Girl " but was actually neck deep in debt. I had left my 7 year abusive marriage just 5 months prior to this time and I just wanted to leave behind all the life of lies and pretence I had been hiding under.

I must confess, starting over at that time was "hell" excuse my French....infact, I saw paper and almost called it money. It became so bad that I came to attach sorrow with the month of March.

However, because God is too faithful to fail and He likes to use the foolish things of the world to confound the wise, He gradually started changing that negative mindset and I must say today, March 1 2016, I have come full circle.

First off, in March 2011, I got my Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification but I still attached negativity to it because I didn't get the lucrative job I expected despite having that Certificate. Fast forward to March 2013 when I got another certificate from the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, (FRCN), this time in Radio/Tv Presentation.

By now, I sat down and started analyzing why I should stop seeing the month of March in a negative light. However, this year is what has finally broken that limiting, negative mindset forever as I have been invited to be part of a life changing event for women, called Inspiring change, an initiative of Pastor Mrs Sumbo Adeoye.

Seeing myself on the same banner with an icon like Mrs Ibukun Awosika and other women of repute is still an humbling experience and I can only give all the glory to God. I was approached by Grace Festus who is a friend of Mrs Adeoye and she said God directed her to me through this blog!

As if this wasn't exciting enough, gospel artist, Onos Ariyo asked me to be the Co-host of a Women in Worship Concert to launch the Women of African Origin in Music Ministry, WAOMM on the 12th of March.

Again I tell you, this can only be God. The reason I am sharing this is to help us realise that we need to let go of limiting beliefs and negativity in our lives. I used to see March as being a negative month, but I have now chosen to see it as another month that God has made for me to excel and excel I will by God's special Grace!


  1. Wow! So encouraging...I'm definitely rethinking dates and periods in my life. Well written!

    1. Thanx Mama...so glad about you rethinking those dates!

    2. Thanx Mama...so glad about you rethinking those dates!


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