Tuesday, 22 March 2016

How Does One Help Others In Need?

"Bimbo, my landlord has taken me to court because of my house rent issue, it has been due for over a year, now and despite begging him, he has refused to listen. What will I do now!"

I woke up this morning to the above message from a friend of mine who is a widow with a daughter and I was heartbroken. Yes I gave her lots of encouragement and advice via prayers but I felt like a fraud because I couldn't physically help her and it really dampened my spirit.

I have been open about my personal journey as a single mum with all the serious struggles I have gone through and the truth is I have also encountered accommodation issues, not being able to pay my children's school fees for more than a year and even doing very menial jobs just to make ends meet for myself and my 2 kids but I thank God that today I can boldly say God continues to see me through. I might not be there yet financially but I am definitely not where I used to be where I even had to be collecting money from the mallam in front of my house to be able to cook for my children.

The truth is in all these times, it seemed like God was so far away, not even listening or even aware of my problems but over time I have come to realise that He has always been there and there is always a reason He allows us go through whatever comes your way but His name is eventually glorified in it all as long as one make Him the pillar.

However, how does one really add value asides just offering advice to people especially when you have gone through what they seem to be going through and have come out of it and they come to you for help? 

I am not yet financially stable to the point where I can meet such financial needs but is there a way people in such dire straits can get help?


  1. there are. i know a woman on FB. her name is Chinyere Anoukwuru. look her up. she might be able to offer some help vis-a-vis direct you to similar charity organisations that help women such as ur friend. women need to look out for each other. all the best. God does not sleep.

    1. Thank you very much Ugochio, God bless you mightily!


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