Thursday, 18 February 2016

Evolving On All Fronts As The Year Progresses!

The past couple of weeks has been quite interesting in all facets of my life. Emotionally I moved into a better zone in coping with my single mum life and reaffirming to myself that any single man who eventually  gets me as a wife is a darn lucky man who will be highly favored all the days of his life...Lol!

Spiritually I also moved to the level of ascertaining my position as a Joint heir with Christ and of daughter status as opposed to the servant approach most of us tend to adopt simply because our fellowship with God isn't as on point as it should be especially in reading the bible and internalizing exactly what it says.

Career wise has been mind blowing as there have been major changes to my work schedule which I never even envisaged. Though its a bit more challenging but then change always comes with a little discomfort before total acceptance. However, God remains faithful and I am adjusting even faster than I envisaged and the truth is I am actually enjoying my new shift

When this year started, I set my goals with principles which I learnt from my Life Coaching certification course with Lanre Olusola last year. At this point, let me clarify the fact that i came to realize which is that most of these management, neurolinguistic programming (NLP) stuff actually take principles from the Bible! 

This just proved to me that my relationship with God must be on point for me to get further in life even if I spend hundreds of thousands in attending these kind of courses.

Anyway, I set my goals in line with my wheel of life which includes all the various areas of one's life that must be balanced to ensure stability. They include health/wellness, energy, spirituality, passion, relationship, friendship, finance,career, fun and recreation to mention a few.

However, bottomline to all these, my major goal is to continue impacting lives and to take my brand as Aunty Bimbo to the next level with God leading me all the way!

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