Friday, 22 January 2016

Sex Sells And Then What Next?

I have always heard that sex sells and even though I wasn't cool with that statement, it seemed like when you look around you a lot of things seem to have a sexual undertone from music to even food! However, this week, this statement finally lost its reality for me and I learnt this at the cinema because of two movies I watched.

I had been hearing so much about Mo Abudu's movie, "Fifty" and I was determined to watch it and trust me it was totally worth it. In the midst of Iretiola Doyle's character removing and sniffing her pants with her toyboy, Omoni Oboli's character sleeping with a married man and getting pregnant and Dakore Akande's character having a childhood of sexual abuse by her father, there was definitely no quiet moment in the cinema.

However, when I finished watching the movie, I still had time to spare before picking my kids from school so I decided to see another movie. I took the cinema brochure and was studying it like a textbook when my friend who went with me decided we should watch an American movie called "Joy".

Initially I was not willing but then I saw the names of the main actors including Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro and Bradley Cooper and I decided to watch it even if it was just to see Bradley's blue eyes at least...Lol

Fast forward to watching the movie, the beginning was so boring I just kept digging into my popcorn and complaining to my friend on why this movie was such an anticlimax after watching Fifty. Suddenly, a scene took place in the movie where the main actor, a single mum stood up for herself and tried to sell a mop in a car-park with her daughter.

Well, this resonated with me and I wanted to see how it will all pan out, unfortunately the police came and kicked her out of the park but she didn't allow this get her down and she went on to eventually get her products nationwide recognition despite some mistakes and losses along the way.

I later found out the movie was actually about a real life woman called Joy Mangano who invented the Miracle Mop which you don't have to use hands to wring and this mop continues to sell out worldwide.

This movie taught me so many things and actually gave me direction on some goals I had initially set for myself earlier in the year. It also made me go read up more about this Joy woman and guess what? She is now a millionaire in the US alongside being an inventor and successful businesswoman. Joy Mangano also helps young female inventors develop their product ideas.

Its been almost a week since I watched these two movies but the impact of the Joy movie in my life is still very much with me and in researching about this woman online, I have come across a lot of material that is already getting my mindset on achieving a lot more this year.

I enjoyed watching the movie Fifty with its graphic scenes and superb acting but the movie that created the most positive impact on and in me was the Joy movie which did not even have one kiss scene! 

So does sex really sell in the long run? I guess its all about your mindset and what you choose to take away from any movie you watch or any song you listen to. 

Amazingly, the movie, Joy received two Golden Globe Award nominations including Best Motion Picture – Musical or Comedy and a win for Jennifer Lawrence for Best Actress – Motion Picture Musical or Comedy. The movie has also brought her nomination for Best Actress at the Oscars!

N.B I have also gone to buy myself a Miracle Mop which is way bettter than the usual old school mop we are used to! 

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