Friday, 1 January 2016

Lessons Learnt In 2015 To Leverage On In 2016!

2015 was a very interesting year for me as I learnt so much spiritually, physically and emotionally even though financially it was a struggle but my trust in God remains unshakable and I know it can only get better.

One major thing I learnt though which is gradually changing my situation and life, is taking God's words literally and at face value. When God says something, He means it and wants you to take it as such. When He says you will be the head and not the tail, that is exactly what He means no more, no less. Unfortunately most of us think there should be more to these words or that it can't be as simple as it looks.

While preparing for my station's Praise In The City Concert which was a free concert to appreciate God for what he had done for Cityfm in 2015, I had issues getting what to wear as I was one of the hosts of the show and I wanted to look good.

Most of the shops didn't have what I liked and I actually went to so many high end and low end boutiques...Lol. Finally getting home exhausted with just one day to the event and still nothing to wear, one of my friends called me at the time when I was getting frustrated at the issue. He asked me why I was so stressed out, I told him and ended it by saying I will go and pray about it and God will sort me out. 

He laughed and said why bother God over something as small as cloth matter that it is such a small thing . I immediately told him there is nothing small before God's eyes as long as you trust Him with it. Fast forward, I prayed about it and God turned up like always, I got the right clothes to wear and I ended up looking fab on the day of the event which by the way was a MASSIVE success and I even trended on Twitter without even knowing!

From 10am till 8:25pm, there was no dull moment and the mammoth crowd enjoyed themselves in God's presence with so many of them even giving/rededicating their lives to God as an altar call was made at the end of the event by Sammie Okposo who was one of the Gospel artistes that performed on that day.

It was obvious that the crowd enjoyed the performances from various artistes present including, Mike Abdul, Efe Nathan, Onos, Joe Praize, Chika 100%, Glowreeyah Braimah, Tim Godfrey, Wale Sax, Nikki Laoye, Frank Edwards and a host of others.

It was a really hectic day and I ended up being crazy tired, my voice gone but happy that souls were able to connect and know God more in praise and thanksgiving!

Brethren this 2016, please let it ALWAYS be at the top of your mind that NOTHING is small to God as long as you commit it to his hands, he will ALWAYS pull through for you be it clothes, weight loss, food, job, career, marriage etc.

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