Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Are We Guilty Of Exposing Our Little Girls In The Name Of Fashion?

Isn't this little girl just cute and pretty?But wait....why is she dressed this way like an adult 'babe'? It isn't unusual nowadays to see so many little girls dressed in this manner and even sometimes worse. And as if that is not bad enough you also see many little girls applying make up
I have been to many children parties and what I see is becoming alarming. Many little girls(ages 3-15) are dressed like ladies in very sexy outfits. While I am not against dressing funky and looking good, however, that line is being crossed and the girls are starting to come across as exposing their body parts.

You might be saying its no big deal but guess what? Child sexual abuse is now on an all time high!!!the advent of technology in this 21st century though with its advantages hasn't really helped. Children as young as 2yrs old are being sexually molested by adult men and even women.

Last week in church during a midweek service I sat beside a lady and her 2 daughters. One of them who couldn't be more than 8yrs old was wearing bum shorts and her thighs kept distracting me! Imagine how much of a distraction this might be for some males, please let us be very conscious of not attracting the wrong attention to our daughters.

Recently, a pedophile that was arrested for sexually defiling a 7 year old girl in Taraba state said her thighs attracted him through the mini skirt she was wearing...sick right?!!!!

Both little boys and girls are being sexually abused and it is high time we look for ways to prevent it. First of which is please let us pay attention to the kind of clothes we wear on our children especially the girl child.

It is not a sign of being fashion savvy or wealthy when you wear such seductive clothes on little girls, its more like being morally conscious. It is bad enough when ladies wear clothes that expose their bodies(that's gist for another day)

Let's not draw the wrong kind of attention to our little girls. There are so many nice clothes we can wear for them that don't draw attention to parts of their bodies.

Prevention they say is better than cure....this is just an advice and awareness to help protect our children. 

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