Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Why You Need To Take Time Out To Reassess Your Life!

Where do I even start from as regards my reason for the long silence again? Well, I just have to apologise one more time, as my absence was due to me transforming myself into a better person so I can be of more benefit to you.

The last time I posted, it was to tell you about my rebranding from "Bimtheory" into "Aunty Bimbo" fully. The journey still continues and I have had some people ask me why. The truth is, you need to know who and what you stand for and make sure that everything about yourself aligns with this. Bimztheory was just a part of me and I needed to embody who I am completely in all forms and Aunty Bimbo is it!

For those that don't know, I was a banker for over 9 years and actually resigned in my 10th year due to so many reasons chief of which was the fact that banking wasn't really what I wanted to do. However, at that time I was married and financially I needed to support my hubby so staying in banking was very logical. Fast forward to leaving the marriage due to unfortunate circumstances and starting over, the banking career was the first thing that had to go and I needed to then heal and find myself.

After many trials and error among which was getting the American Project Management Certification, PMP, learning soap and insecticide vocation, selling hair and jewellry just to make ends meet with my 2 children, I finally landed in media which is what I would call my "Rehoboth

Being an On Air Personality has been like a dream come through for me especially with the shows I host which include the City Kids Show and Singspiration Zone which represents God and children. I have always wanted to add value and impact lives and to the glory of God, these shows are wonderful platforms in achieving this.

However, in life, one must always update and upgrade so you can always have more to offer, Even Jesus was always going to the temple and taking time off on His own so he can be renewed through communication with God. I had a moment of unrest despite being happy with my job and knew I needed to learn more and that is how I started praying to God to use me for His glory.

Somehow, I ended up attending a Goal Setting and Life Coach Certification course with the Catalyst, Lanre Olusola. It was a divine arrangement as trust me, I couldn't afford the class but without even knowing me, he gave me a scholarship for the course!

Initially, I was going to only attend the Masters Goal Setting classes only but I ended up doing the full Life Coach Certification Course. The classes were in Lekki at the Olusola Lanre Coaching Academy and driving to and from the Mainland coupled with my children's school runs and work was quite hectic but I survived it and can now add Life Coach to my list of achievements (so feel free to consult me for Coaching Sessions...I no go charge you plenty Lol!) 

I am not saying being a Life Coach is the next step for everybody but the truth is there is always a next step and you need to prayerfully figure out what it is so you don't spend your days just running around chasing money in the wrong places.

Prior to attending that course, I thought I had goals after all I was a hustler and keeping my head up despite being a single mum but the truth is I was just running around in circles and not being very productive even though I thought I was. The unrest I felt in me was my spirit's way of telling me to make a reassessment of my life so I get back on track. 

Reassessment is very vital for all of us, 2015 will become history in a few days, please sit down and examine who exactly you want to be and the steps to take getting there. If you are already on track....kudos to you just strategise on improvement BUT if you are not, please, please and please, its never too late to make a turnaround and get back on board your positive life train.

At the beginning of 2015, I NEVER even envisaged this but now December 2015, it has finally taken shape! Sinach's song "I Know Who I Am" now has a deeper meaning for me. God does answer prayers and orders one's steps and amazingly SO MUCH has changed about me spiritually, emotionally, psychologically & even physically! 

I have learnt afresh to dump limiting beliefs, change my negative mindset, pick up new, refined values and finally I am transitioning into who God created me to be with greater opportunities to maximise my potential.

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