Thursday, 10 December 2015

Join Me On This Reflection, Rejuvenation And Re-positioning!

Let me first of all start by apologizing for being off the blogging radar in the past couple of weeks. This has been due to a serious unrest I was having within me on how to really express myself as opposed to following the crowd and trying to be like other people.

The truth is that initially when I started blogging, it was actually meant to be my way of letting out my emotions at that time because I find that writing is actually therapeutic for me. However, fast forward to last year march when I met a friend who told me of the monetary part via "Linda Ikeji style" of blogging and immediately because who no want better thing? I quickly jumped on board the gossip and entertainment route (Lol!) thus,

Of course views increased but the so called money was not exactly flowing in like that but I kept at it but 15 months after, I knew within me that I had played to the gallery and allowed myself get carried away from my goal of letting people learn through my experiences and even pitfalls to look out for via mistakes I had made and also challenges from my day to day life as a single mother of 2 children.

Due to this, I decided to open another blog, and start podcasts, voila! a sense of fulfillment started to come, that blog received so much welcome and comments I was really amazed because with, I had to practically beg people to comment and it was always few and far between.

Few months after this, again that unrest came up as to the fact that a part of me that needed expression was still not being given a chance. It became as if I was divided into multiple parts and had three personalities which included the Bimbo of Bimztheory, the Bimbo of Livingsinglediary and the Aunty Bimbo, media personality who loves children and Gospel stuff and is never ashamed to talk about God. 

I decided to take it to the only one who could help me and that is my creator and with prayer and reflection, I finally decided to merge all of me into one place, space and blog hence,

For the benefit of those wondering why the name Aunty Bimbo, it wasn't majorly about my age, yes I am way closer to 40 than 30, (choi!) but the name came from the children's show,"City Kids Show" that I anchor on Cityfm. Besides, there are definitely older people than myself in the media industry so "kini big deal?" 

Again I tried to separate the kiddies Aunty Bimbo from Abimbola/Bimbo who anchors the Gospel Show, Singspiration Zone but realized that people had already latched on to "Aunty Bimbo" so without any further ado, I have decided to own this name and brand and just be who God has created me to be., is thus a reflection of me in totality, I love to add value in everything I do, yes I like gist and entertainment but I am first and foremost all about Life, Educating in an entertaining manner,(edutainment), Inspiring and Motivating and this is what you will see more of here. This blog has become an umbrella of sorts for all of these and you can be rest assured that I will always be open here and also share anything I feel will help us physically, spiritually and emotionally.

This decision was not taken lightly which is why I have taken time to explain because you my readers actually matter a lot to me. Initially, I was worried about losing my Alexa blog ranking which I have built over the time I have been blogging and some other analytics but the bottom-line remains that if God gives you a directive, growth is the only way forward and I know that the Glory of the latter will definitely be greater than the former.

From time to time, I will share some very outstanding posts from my former blogs but be rest assured that is the real me, Bimbo Olasope with no airs or posing (Lol) I thank you in advance for joining me on this new journey and my prayer is that God will definitely meet you at the point of your need.

I want to use this time to ask that you seek God's face as regards that destiny He has mapped out for you and when He shows you, please don't be afraid of stepping into it, I can assure you that He will work EVERYTHING together for your good because "one with God is a MAJORITY!"



  1. we love you Aunty Bimbo!

  2. Well done cuz! There is no greater sense of fulfilment than that which comes with being yourself.

  3. love it! and you never did have any airs. that is ur major USQ (unique stellar quality) girl! rooting for you.


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