Saturday, 28 November 2015

Throwback To Aunty Bimbo As MC Of 2015 Omo Art Competition

Aunty Bimbo is the name I have come to be known by maybe because I host a children show called the City Kids Show with Aunty Bimbo on City105.1Fm. Due to this, from time to time, I find myself being called to compere children events and I must say it is always a very exciting and interesting opportunity for me.

This throwback is actually to the month of May this year precisely the 13th and 15th when I hosted the art and essay competion by Omo Fast Action, a brand of Unilever. Being their MC of choice was a real privilege and was actually a divine orchestration.

The Omo ‘Imagine and Achieve’ Competition was for primary schools nationwide and focused on the creative potiential of children which was mindboggling.

Wiiners from the competition were rewarded with cash gifts and quality prizes ranging from N100,000(one hundred thousand Naira) to N1,000,000 (One Million Naira). Other prizes included laptops, bicycles, school bags, writing materials, etc.

Below is a video from the Grand Finale of the event which was a very pleasant affair and boy was I excited when the finalist of the One Million Naira emerged (my shouting no get part 2...Lol)

Anyway, the reason for this throwback is that seeing these pictures and video of myself after the event made me do a rethink about my weight. I have always battled the bulge right from secondary school which is a very long time ago, however because I always got nice clothes to wear, I never allowed it bother me but after this Omo event, I decided to actually climb the scales and trust me, the number made me do an about-turn and start working on shedding the weight.

Fast forward to today, 2 months after, I am proud to say the weight is gradually coming off and I am now in a better place health wise and also psychologically( weight issues can make you feel bad about yourself). This is because even if I was putting up appearances like I was fine with my body size, I couldn't lie to myself when I was alone. I couldn't fit into my usual size 18 clothes anymore and I was beginning to resort to wearing baggy clothes to hide the bulge.

However, I thank God for where I am today, it is still a serious work in progress but I am proud to say I can now fit into clothes from about 3-5 years ago when I was between a size 14-16. The battle still continues(na serious war I tell you). 

I see people like Nollywood actress, Kate Henshaw on Instagram every morning hitting the gym with no break and also my good friend, Shedy Kay from the Big Tak & Shedy Show working out like there is no tomorrow and that makes me push myself a little further.

Well, I know having a pack is like a 25th century dream(Lol) but I have learnt to take it one day at a time and want to encourage anyone in this situation to understand that slow and steady wins the race. 

I am gradually making little changes to my diet, I drink more water now and I try not to eat anything after (I still slip up on that sometimes, God help me) and yes, I try to do early morning walks when I can and last but not the least, I carry weights like everyday because those Christian mother arms MUST GO DOWN!!!!

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