Saturday, 21 November 2015

There Might Be A Story....Be Careful Before Making Assumptions About People

Everyday, Facebook sends me memories and pictures from as far back as 2010 and today was no exception but it brought on serious nostalgic memories and I am led to share it with you.

This was me this time 2011 proudly displaying my "soap market" at the church stand. I must have gotten there like 6.30am so I could get a great corner where more people will see me and buy my soap.

I had attended the church Vocational school earlier that year to learn soap making in a bid to make ends meet as office job was not forthcoming almost 2 years after leaving my financially rewarding bank job.

To the glory of God, I sold everything that day and made about N3,800 profit and I was rolling on the floor in gratitude to God because it had been a long time I had such an amount to myself and trust me I felt like a millionaire!

Fast forward to today, I remain grateful for where God has brought me and is still taking me even though I still have my down moments but the truth is even though I am not where I want to be, I am better than where I used to be cliche as it might sound.

Why am I sharing this? Just to let you know that everyone has got their story and you need to be careful before making wrong assumptions about people as you don't know where they are coming from.

Another reason is to remind someone that God is TOO FAITHFUL to fail you. Keep holding on, it might be tough but He will NEVER leave you utterly cast down! 

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