Saturday, 28 November 2015

My Birthday Gift To Everyone: Living Single Podcast (Maiden Edition)

Today has been very wonderful asides the fact that it is my birthday, the amount of love being shown me on various forms of social media, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and even telephone calls has been off the hook!!!

Infact my poor blackberry has crashed several times with the serious traffic of calls I have been getting. I am grateful to have you all be part of my life in one form or the other and the only way I can say thank you is to continue to add value to you in any way that I can hence this podcast.

This podcast has been a long time coming as I have been procrastinating but I decided to start it out today being my birth-date and I promise to improve upon subsequent editions. Titled Living Single, this podcast is to share from my personal experiences and encourage one or two people not to give up on relationship or life issues.

So please download, listen attentively, ponder on it and share with anyone that might need it.

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