Monday, 2 November 2015

Gradually Finding Encouragement & Motivation To Try Again?

I won't lie, the past couple of days have got me feeling kind of lonely and missing having a man around in terms of companionship. In fact it suddenly seemed like everywhere I turned I was seeing couples all loved up and happy together....*sigh*

These feelings sometimes do come up and while that is not bad in itself, one needs to be careful so you don't go and fall for someone that will now cause you more harm than good just because you are feeling so vulnerable. However, I remain a work in progress and I have now turned it into a prayer point funny as that might seem.

I know you might be wondering why this is such a big deal but for me it is because I have always been very vocal about the fact that I don't even want to be in any relationship for a long time not to talk of remarriage. The thought of it literally gives me hiccups (Lol). Different people have even tried their matchmaking skills but I ALWAYS run the other way.

For me, I just believe being in a relationship can have so much drama sometimes and I don't think I am up for it yet even if I sometimes wish there was someone to call my own. Asides this, you see "hot" couples breaking up and then you wonder if it is really worth it after all but then you also see couples who are genuinely happy together and making a great effort to make their relationship work and then you wonder again.


Well, I have never been an expert on relationships but I know I do need to work on myself in some areas because I have become set in my independent ways and weird as it may seem, even psychologically, I always expect negative stuff in relationships which has led me in time past to settle for less than I deserve(I promised to always be truthful on this blog)

Like I shared with some people recently, I never actually prayed when it came to my first marriage. Rather I tried to use logic and emotions and see how that ended up but I have since come to realize that there is a place for prayer in EVERYTHING that has to do with us as human beings and that includes relationships too.

As if to also buttress this, I stumbled across a sermon on radio where the preacher said many women complain that they are single but are not even preparing themselves to be in a relationship in terms of working on their attitude and way of life among other things. 

I have now started praying for God to work on and in me to become a better woman who will be open to being in a loving relationship with the ability to also complement my partner. Does this mean I am ready for a relationship? Nah.....not yet, but I am now willing to pray about it which is something I have never thought about doing before.

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