Friday, 30 October 2015

Must A Man Be The Reason A Woman Looks Good Or Is Happy?

In recent times, I have been getting many comments on pictures I put up on Facebook and the most common one has been "who is the lucky guy" while the other popular comment has been "Bimbo you don dey make money, no chop alone o!". There have also been some other comments which are kinda X-rated for me to put up here...Lol

It is really amazing the way people jump to conclusions about you in life but I guess that is what makes life go round. First off, I am looking different because I embarked on a weight-loss journey which for those that know me from way back will remember it has always been part of my life journey.

I have always had the tendency to put on weight because the women in my family are actually on the bigger side so it has been a lifelong battle and there are times I win when I look slimmer and some times when I lose the battle and I actually look life a sack of potatoes....LMAO!

However, as I grow older, it has become more of a compulsory action due to health reasons the most prominent of all being High Blood Pressure issues which is why I decided to make a change and start watching my weight again. Truth be told though, being a slimmer version of myself makes me look better and kinda younger which any woman will agree is a great feeling and of course the vain side makes me post more pictures to do shakara (Yelz na...losing weight no be beans...hahahahaha)

Anyway why I am writing about this is to address the issue of why most people think a man must always be the reason behind a woman's transformation. Does it now mean if there is no man one must look haggard or unhappy? There is great danger in making a human being the source of your happiness because when that person messes up (he or she will surely do that....they are only human!) it means you will also become down and vice versa. So why live your life like a yoyo?

Happiness can also be temporary for various reasons but Joy is what we should aim for which can only come from God even in the midst of trials and temptations, the joy of the Lord remains your strength and that is what keeps me going.

I have decided to "FAITH IT TILL I MAKE IT" which means I will always put my head up despite whatever I might be going through. To the Glory of God, I have faced and I am still facing some challenges that should make me wear a long face and actually mope around and be bitter but guess what? That will not make the situation change!

Besides, everyone also has their own trying moments even those married people that some of us envy or those wealthy people that some of us want to be like. In fact if you hear some of their issues, you will thank God for your own struggles and realise that things are not always as bad as they seem.

In the course of this my journey of being a single mum, sometimes I feel like I am messing up and not handling things right, then I meet some other single parents and then realise, they are even going through worse than I am.

Does that make me better than them? Not exactly, but it just shows that I am making a headway with the hand that fate has dealt me and that is something I want you to ponder on. I have reached the stage of my life where it is GOD or NOTHING.

How many men do you want to sleep with for financial favors? how many compromises do you want to make so that man or woman can help you? Please remember it is only God that can make anybody help you and it is better you face Him rather than turn a mere human being into God. Yes, God will not come down like many of us like to say, but He will send that person/people that will help you without making you offend Him. IT IS NOT FROM GOD IF YOU HAVE TO SIN TO GET IT!!

Another thing I want to also emphasize is for you not to turn your helper into your God because GOD WILL NEVER SHARE HIS GLORY WITH ANY MAN! I say this from personal experience where I start to make someone feel more important than they are simply because they helped me and immediately, God cuts them off or allows them disappoint me and then when I cry back to God for mercy, He sends help in other ways.

Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong in appreciating when someone helps you but please know when to draw the line. Also note that the fact that they help you now doesn't mean they will always continue to do that. Let your expectation be in God because only He can do beyond our thoughts or imagination.

If God can raise stones to praise Him if humans don't, why can't he raise men,women or even children to help you when you are in need? This brings me to my most important advice of all, please improve your relationship with God! I am not saying things will turn around immediately, however, He will give you the Grace to cope and handle life issues and gradually you will learn to have that joy even in the midst of challenges because you are assured of the fact that God didn't bring you thus far to leave you!

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