Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Throwback Tuesday? More Like Reminiscing Over What Has Gone By

It has become the norm on social media to post or put up pictures from way-back and tag them #Throwback either on Thursdays or Fridays but for me I chose to do this today as I have never been known for being conventional or following the crowd...I always like to put my own angle on things Lol!

On a serious note though, Facebook also made me decide to write this today especially with the way they keep sending me posts or pictures from years ago in an anniversary like reminder style. It usually feels me with nostalgia anytime I see them especially as they were from 2009 to 2013 which were like my hardest years on earth. This was the period when I just left my 7 year marriage (2009) and was starting over with my children. 

I won't lie, its been 6 years now and somehow, I still seem to think I haven't accomplished as much as I would have loved to BUT then I realize that like the usual "Oliver Twist" mentality, we human beings have been conditioned to always want more even when we seem to have enough but truth be told Dangote and even Bill Gates are still making more money despite being billionaires.

Financially, yes I still struggle and sometimes I even cry in frustration when I can't seem to meet up with some necessary bills (not that crying helps but hey I am human and I cry while latching on to my Bible and asking God how far! Lol). But the truth is in the midst of all these life issues, I know God has been faithful towards me and mine despite my shortcomings and He is still very mindful of me.

The reason why I decided to share this today is to encourage someone who thinks he/she hasn't accomplished much. We need to understand that the definition of achievement is actually very subjective because what you think is an achievement to you might actually mean nothing to someone else. 

For some of us, achievement might be climbing up the ladder at work, getting the latest model car, travelling to an exotic destination while for others it might be getting married, having children or just having millions sitting in their bank accounts but like they say to each his own.

Yes I have gone through a lot of issues which include domestic violence, verbal abuse, slow/non-existent promotion at work, death of one of my children, having friends betray me, having people say bad things about me, eventual joblessness, loneliness, debts, heartbreaks, embarrassment, insults, being taken for granted.....the list goes on and on trust me but you know what? Some people have actually gone through less than this and didn't survive it while others have gone through worse and are still standing tall without even losing their faith in God!

The point I am trying to make here is that rather than beat yourself up over what you are yet to achieve why not appreciate how far you have come? Why not be appreciative of each step you take toward survival and keeping afloat in the midst of life challenges?

I saw these pictures from when I used to be married and I attended one of my high school reunions in 2008 and I almost fainted...I was so HUGE! I was comfort eating to bury my problems and food became like my best friend.

Food was my way of escaping from the reality of what my life was at that time and I can NEVER forget the day I went to the hospital and the doctor told me I had high blood pressure and he had to place me on medication and advised me to also watch my weight if I didn't want to die young. Initially, I was very upset because I felt I wasn't even as big as some people and I thought I still had swagger (Lol...in my mind right?)

By the time I moved out in 2009, that was my first point of call and I seriously worked on losing weight. From then till now it continues to be a struggle though because I still turn to food when I am unhappy and then I remember the doctor's warning of high blood pressure and then I start to think straight and watch it.

We all have our good times and bad times but having God as the motivation of your life is an assurance that it will all work out some how.

I know it is so easy to worry and all that cliche of why worry when you can pray doesn't seem to make any sense sometimes but I encourage you to hold on and be strong. Life doesn't come with any guarantees but with God by your side, even when you go through the valley moments, He will be with you...JUST BELIEVE!

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  1. You inspire me pls can't you be writing something everyday? It keeps me going


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