Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Starting Out My September On A Positive Note By Kinda Giving Back!

The month of September always fills me with a lot of dread and fear because it is usually the month when children resume school and of course school fees matter is there coupled with the fact that it is my children's birth month and finally the payment date for my house rent in December also looms closer.

So you can imagine how happy I was when a couple of days ago a friend of mine called me and asked me to come speak with some children in a public school. Initially when I heard this my mind quickly calculated how much to charge him as I usually speak at schools for a fee( all na hustle o...Lol) However, when he explained that it was a community project he usually did every year to give these children an opportunity to attend summer school for free, I had a rethink.

I agreed to go see the children for free in a way to also give back and funny enough the next day after agreeing to this someone blessed me with some money. Wow! I was so happy and again started planning what to do with the money even though it wasn't a huge amount but then I had a strong impression in my spirit that I should spend the bulk of it on these children I was going to speak with. 

Initially, I was wondering what I can get with this amount that the children will really appreciate but I settled it in my mind and hit Iponri market which is where they sell most of these children stuff. I won't lie, I waka well (Lol) because everything was darn expensive and the money on me wasn't so much but to the glory of God, I stumbled across a shop and got something that was sha manageable in my own opinion.

Fast forward to today when I went to the school and spoke to the children who gave me a very cordial and warm reception. I absolutely enjoyed myself and when it was time to give out the little token I brought for them, it was something else. The children absolutely loved it!!!!!!I was so moved to tears because I felt it was such a very little thing but even the adults rushed to take out of it. 

When I was leaving, these children numbering over 200 practically escorted me to my car and were running after the car and shouting "Thank you Aunty Bimbo"as I was driving out!

This experience humbled me totally in a way that I can't even explain right now. It made me realize that you don't have to be a millionaire to affect lives positively because what you think is so little to you might actually mean the world to someone else. Even my children learnt something vital today on appreciation as they saw the way children like them were so excited and happy at these little gifts.

Another thing I observed is that contrary to what some of us think, children that attend public schools are not out-rightly local or semi-illiterates. The children I spoke with today actually comported themselves so well and their response to some of the things I spoke to them about was very intelligent that at a point it was no different from when I go speak at private schools. The only thing that kept reminding me that they were less privileged was maybe the way most of them were dressed.

Yes, my huge bills are still there but I am rest assured that God will sort it all out in His own way and time. Please let us not hesitate to reach out to the less privileged in any way we can and lest I forget.....HAPPY NEW MONTH!!

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